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1 - Practical Skills
What is the difference between in...,
What are control variables,
How should you scale your axes
10  cards
2 - Foundations of Physics
What are si units,
What is the si unit of mass,
What physical quantity is measure...
53  cards
3.1 - Motion
Define speed the equation used to...,
Define displacement,
Define velocity the equation used...
17  cards
3.2 - Forces in Action
Describe what happens when a resu...,
Give 3 examples of common forces ...,
What is meant by drag
12  cards
3.3 - Work, Energy and Power
Define work done,
Define kinetic energy and give it...,
Define gravitational potential en...
8  cards
3.4 - Materials
What is meant by extension and co...,
What happens to the spring when t...,
What is hooke s law
23  cards
3.5 - Newton's laws of motion and momentum
If an object is in equilibrium it...,
Which of newton s laws state ever...,
What is newton s second law
12  cards
Module 4 PAGs
Pag 043 using non ohmic devices a...,
Why should you avoid heating the ...,
What is the advantage of heating ...
34  cards
4.1 - Charge and Current
What is electric current state it...,
Give the symbol equation relating...,
In electricity what does e repres...
11  cards
4.2 - Energy, Power and Resistance
Give the names of each of the fol...,
True or false both of these symbo...,
Draw the symbol for a variable re...
30  cards
4.3 - Electrical Circuits
What is kirchhoff s second law,
How do you find the total resista...,
How do you find the total resista...
22  cards
4.4 - Waves
Define the term progressive wave,
What is a longitudinal wave,
What is a transverse wave give ex...
52  cards
4.5 - Quantum Physics
What are photons,
True or false the energy of a pho...,
What is h in the equation e hf gi...
17  cards
3.2 and 3.3 equations
Work done,
Gravitational potential energy,
11  cards
Module 4 - Equations
Current definition equation,
Kirchhoff s first law,
Mean drift velocity
24  cards
EM waves spectrum
10 m,
Ultraviolet frequency,
Ultraviolet wavelength
28  cards
EM spectrum wavelengths and frequencys
Mneumonic for names of waves,
Order for wavelengths,
Order for frequencys
3  cards

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