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1.1 Inside the atom
What must we use to see images of...,
What did rutherford find from his...,
What word is used to describe a p...
22  cards
1.2 Stable and Unstable Nuclei
A stable isotope has nuclei that ...,
What is the force that keeps a nu...,
Important things to note about th...
16  cards
1.3 Photons
What is light a part of,
What is the speed of light,
What form of radiation do all obj...
17  cards
1.4 Particles and Antiparticles
What happens when antimatter and ...,
What is utilised for a pet scan,
What does the p in pet stand for
27  cards
1.5 Particle Interactions
How can we measure forces,
What changes in an object when a ...,
What happens when two objects int...
20  cards
2.1 The Particle Zoo
What are cosmic rays,
What happens when cosmic rays ent...,
What did most physicists think wh...
24  cards
2.2 Particle Sorting
How are the new particles and ant...,
How was the conclusion that the m...,
How can particles and antiparticl...
16  cards
2.3 Leptons at work
What is produced from a single el...,
Are the neutrinos and antineutrin...,
If there were only one type of ne...
12  cards
2.4 Quarks and Antiquarks
What were kaons called when they ...,
Although the strange particles al...,
Why was the strangeness number s ...
16  cards
2.5 Conservation rules
Conservation of energy and conser...,
Conservation rules used only for ...,
Conservation of lepton numbers
6  cards
3.1 The Photoelectric Effect
What did heinrich hertz find when...,
What observations were made about...,
What can the wave theory of light...
15  cards
3.2 More about Photoelectricity
Who suggested that the energy of ...,
Motion of the conduction electron...,
What does the average kinetic ene...
17  cards
3.3 Collisions of Electrons with Atoms
What is an ion,
What is special about ions,
How is an ion formed
21  cards
3.4 Energy Levels in Atoms
What are the electrons in an atom...,
How do electrons move about the n...,
An electron in a shell near the n...
24  cards
3.5 Energy Levels and Spectra
What is a rainbow,
What is the difference between us...,
The wavelengths of the lines of a...
20  cards
3.6 Wave-particle duality
Light is a part of the,
What did the theory of electromag...,
When is the wave like nature of l...
25  cards

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