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6.1 Vectors and scalars
What is displacement,
What is displacement an example of,
What is a vector
14  cards
6.2 Balanced Forces
When two forces act on a point ob...,
For an object on a surface,
When three forces act on a point ...
5  cards
6.3 The Principle of Moments
What is the moment of a force,
Things to note about moment fd,
Principle of moments
5  cards
6.4 More on Moments
When an object in equilibrium is ...,
Object in equilibrium equation,
What is a couple
4  cards
6.5 Stability
If a body in stable equilibrium i...,
Why does an object in stable equi...,
What is an example of unstable eq...
9  cards
6.6 Equilibrium Rules
When two objects interact they al...,
What does a free body force diagr...,
For a point object acted on by th...
7  cards
6.7 Statics Calculations
0  cards
7.1 Speed and velocity
What is displacement,
What is speed,
What is velocity
15  cards
7.2 Acceleration
What is acceleration,
For a moving object that does not...,
What is uniform acceleration
7  cards
7.3 Motion along a straight line at constant acceleration
When can suvat equations be used,
What does the area under a speed ...,
Suvat equations for constant acce...
3  cards
7.4 Free fall
What did galileo galileli find ab...,
How did galileo galileli demonstr...,
Galileo and the inclined plane test
8  cards
7.5 Motion graphs
What is displacement,
What does the gradient of a displ...,
Displacement time graph of a ball
9  cards
7.6 More calculations on motion along a straight line
For motion along a straight line ...,
What are the two stages of motion...,
Sign convention for forwards up
9  cards
7.7 Projectile motion 1
What is a projectile,
What are the three key principles...,
If the initial projection of a st...
6  cards
7.8 Projectile motion 2
Any form of motion where an objec...,
Example of projectile like motion...,
Example of projectile motion beam...
9  cards
8.1 Force and acceleration
What is newtons first law of motion,
An object moving at constant velo...,
How to investigate how the veloci...
9  cards
8.2 Using F=ma
What happens when an object is ac...,
If t is the thrust of a rocket en...,
Equation for calculations for mas...
4  cards
8.3 Terminal speed
What does the drag force depend on,
The faster an object travels in a...,
What is terminal speed
7  cards
8.4 On the road
What is thinking distance,
Thinking distance calculationfor ...,
What affects reaction time
13  cards
8.5 Vehicle safety
A negative acceleration is equal ...,
By expressing an acceleration or ...,
The shorter the contact time
13  cards
9.1 Momentum and impulse
What does the effect of a collisi...,
Who was the first person to reali...,
How did isaac newton define the m...
22  cards
9.2 Impact forces
If a ball is initially stationary...,
If a ball is moving with an initi...,
How can the variation of an impac...
5  cards
9.3 Conservation of momentum
What is newtons third law of motion,
Real world example of newtons thi...,
Key thing to know about the force...
8  cards
9.4 Elastic and inelastic collisions
There is no loss of energy in,
What is an elastic collision,
What is an inelastic collision
4  cards
9.5 Explosions
When two objects fly apart after ...,
Why are alpha particles from a gi...,
Why arent beta particles from a g...
4  cards
10.1 Work and energy
What is needed to make stationary...,
What is needed to make stationary...,
What is needed to make stationary...
15  cards
10.2 Kinetic energy and potential energy
What is kinetic energy,
Kinetic energy equation,
What is potential energy
9  cards
10.3 Power
How can energy be transferred fro...,
The more energy transferred per s...,
What is power defined as
16  cards
10.4 Energy and efficiency
How can work done be calculated,
If an object moves at a constant ...,
What is useful energy
11  cards
11.1 Density
What is the density of a substance,
Density equation,
What is the unit of density
15  cards
11.2 Springs
What is the pull of a spring on a...,
What is the tension in a spring e...,
Who established hookes law
13  cards
11.3 Deformation of solids
What is needed to stretch or twis...,
What is the elasticity of a solid...,
Deformation that stretches an obj...
29  cards
11.4 More about stress and strain
How is the tension in a strip of ...,
For a metal wire its loading and ...,
What happens to the unloading lin...
22  cards

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