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2 Nature of quantities Units and measurements
What the si base units for mass l...,
What the si base units for curren...,
Define homogenity of units
31  cards
3.1 Motion
31  cards
3.2 Forces in action
Net force n,
Normal contact force
35  cards
3.3 Work, energy and power
What is the principle of conserva...,
Define the joule,
Derive the equation for kinetic e...
8  cards
3.4 Materials
How do you combine force constant...,
How do you combine force constant...,
A material will show elastic defo...
22  cards
3.5 Newton's laws of motion
What condition is needed for mone...,
Whats a perfecly elastic collision,
Whats an inealastic collision
15  cards
4.1 Electricity: Charge and current
Electric current,
One coulomb,
13  cards
4.2 Electricity:Energy, power and resistance
Do you know the circuit symbols,
Potential difference,
Electromotive force
31  cards
4.3 Electricity:Electrical circuits
Kirchhoff s second law,
Series circuit rules whats the pr...,
Parallel circuit rules whats the ...
15  cards
4.4 Waves
Progressive waves
89  cards
4.5 Quantum physics
What is the particulate nature ph...,
What is a single packet of em rad...,
What is the equation to find the ...
35  cards
Definitons Mechanics
Instantaneous speed,
Average speed
31  cards
Definitons Electrons, waves and photons
47  cards
5.1 Thermal Physics
Thermal equilibrium,
Absolute scale of temperature,
How to change from kelvin to celsius
26  cards
5.2 Circular Motion And Oscillations
How many radians are there is 360...,
What are the si units of angular ...,
What is the definition of angular...
40  cards
5.3 Gravitational Fields
What are gravitational fields due to,
How do you model a spherical object,
What is a gravitational field
24  cards
5.4 Astrophysics And Cosmology
What is a planetary satellite,
What is a galaxy,
What type of orbits do planets have
70  cards
6.1 Capacitors
What is the unit for capacitance,
What is a capacitor and what is i...,
Define capacitance
21  cards
6.2 Electric Fields
What is an electric field,
What is the definition of electri...,
What is the definition of electri...
3  cards
6.3 Electromagnetism
Magnetic fields are due to what,
What direction do field lines go in,
How do you know a field is uniform
36  cards
6.4 Nuclear and Particle Physics
What experiment evidenced the nuc...,
What is the relative size of an a...,
What is the relative size of a pr...
76  cards
6.5 Medical Imaging
What is the basic structure of an...,
How are x ray photons produced fr...,
What happens when the electrons s...
42  cards

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