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Module 2 Fundamental data analysis
What two types or errors are unce...,
Describe the systematic errors,
Describe random errors how can yo...
12  cards
Practical 311d i how to determine...,
311d ii observing polarisation us...,
311d ii observing polarisation
6  cards
1: Imaging
11 define frequency,
11 define period,
11 define phase difference
55  cards
2: Signalling
Why are digitised signals not pos...,
What are digital signals represen...,
What are the advantages of digita...
33  cards
3: Sensing
31 what is current,
31 what is kirchhoff s first law,
31 what is potential difference
68  cards
4: testing materials
Properties of ceramics,
Pic describe structure of a ceramic,
Pic properties with desc of metals
48  cards
5: Looking Inside Materials
Name a natural and a man made pol...,
What was the aim of rayleigh s oi...,
What was an assumption rayleigh made
13  cards
5: Exam Questions
How does a metal in terms of inte...,
How does a long chain polymer in ...,
Describe metallic bonding and the...
7  cards
6: Wave Behaviour
What does the principle of superp...,
Define these wordswavelengthdispl...,
Interference can be or destructive
92  cards
ch6 practicals
Prac oscilloscope frquencies,
Prac refractive index,
Prac standing rubber
5  cards
6: Exam Questions
Define speed v for a progressive ...,
Derive the wave equation v f whic...,
Define infrared radiation
8  cards
7: Quantum Behaviour
What is a quantum,
What did max planck suggest about...,
What did einstein suggest the em ...
59  cards
7: Exam Questions
Photons of red light are emitted ...,
Another laser emits blue light th...
2  cards
7: Equations
Energy carried by a photon discre...,
Threshold frequency,
What is
11  cards
8: Motion
What is the difference between a ...,
How do you find the resultant vector,
Define speed
43  cards
ch8 practicals
42di light gates motion,
42diii falling cupcakes,
How to measure acceleration due to g
5  cards
9: Momentum, Force and Energy
What is newton s first law,
What is newton s second law,
Do all objects accelerate towards...
29  cards
chapter 9 momentum
Momentum equation,
What would happen when a ball 1 o...,
What would happen when a ball 1 o...
27  cards
9: Exam Questions
Using momentum explain how an eng...,
Explain how helium particles in a...,
Estimate the rate at which air mo...
3  cards
9: Equations
Power energy,
Power force,
4th equation for suvat not given
8  cards
10: Modelling decay
What makes nucleus unstable,
What happens to unstable nuclei,
Is radioactive decay a probabilit...
42  cards
10: Exam Questions
Which statement about a capacitor...,
What does mean in the decay equation,
Find the capacitance of a capacit...
5  cards
10: Equations
Activity in terms of n,
Activity in terms of initial acti...,
Discharging capacitor i
13  cards
11: Modelling Oscillations
What is the requirement for an ob...,
What is the type of potential ene...,
What is the type of potential ene...
37  cards
Conditions for simple harmonic mo...,
Examples of simple harmonic oscil...,
What is the time for one complete...
61  cards
11: Exam Questions
There is mass suspended by a spri...,
Explain one effect of damping whe...,
Define simple harmonic motion 2
3  cards
11: Equations
Angular velocity in terms of angle,
Linear velocity in terms of,
Equation for velocity of oscilation
3  cards
12: The Gravitational Field
What is angular velocity,
What is the circular motion of an...,
Why is a car travelling at consta...
54  cards
1  cards
12: Exam Questions
Shade the area on the graph that ...,
Explain why the centripetal accel...,
Calculate the speed of the moon u...
7  cards
12: Equations
Angular velocity in terms of angle,
Linear velocity in terms of,
Another equation for angular velo...
12  cards
13: Our Place in the Universe
What is an astronomical unit,
Why is the size of the observable...,
What is apparent magnitude
44  cards
How do we measure large distances...,
What is 1 light year,
What is the distance and speed of...
45  cards
13: Exam Questions
Explain how using em waves you ca...,
When measuring the distance from ...,
Explain how cosmic background rad...
7  cards
13: Equations
Ratio of to,
Velocity hubbles constant,
In the equation v h d what unit i...
10  cards
Is there life on mars? Questions
Show that with a surface gravity ...,
Calculate the gravitational poten...,
Calculate the gravitational poten...
25  cards
Describe the motion of gas molecules,
How do gases exert a force pressu...,
How do you get impulse from a for...
33  cards
14: Exam Questions
Explain how the energy of a water...,
Explain why some gas passing thro...,
Random walk a typical molecule in...
5  cards
14: Equations
Boyles law,
Charles law,
Pressure law
5  cards
15: The Boltzmann Factor
What is the average thermal energ...,
What is the activation energy,
Explain what the activation energ...
16  cards
15: Exam Questions
Explain why the number of molecul...,
The rate of evaporation r c e exp...
2  cards
16: Electromagnetism
What is a magnetic field,
What are magnetic fields represen...,
In which direction do field lines go
67  cards
16: Exam Questions
3 explain why a magnetised rod ta...,
In a real transformer eddy curren...,
In a real transformer eddy curren...
5  cards
16: Equations
Relationship of current voltage a...,
Permeance just for proportionalit...,
Flux linkage
8  cards
chapter 17 electric field
What is an electric field,
In a uniform field what is the eq...,
In a uniform field what is the eq...
46  cards
17: Exam Questions
2 calculate the force on a positr...
1  cards
17: Equations
Millikan s oil drop experiment fo...,
Equation for current linking velo...,
Equation for kinetic energy gaine...
10  cards
18: Looking Inside the Atom
181 rutherford experiment disprov...,
How do you investigate the struct...,
Describe rutherford s experiment
132  cards
18: Exam Questions
1 explain why a free proton canno...
1  cards
18: Equations
Initial kinetic energy of a scatt...,
Neutron decay,
What is the equation for the angl...
3  cards
19: Using the Atom
Describe the number of protons an...,
What is the z number in standard ...,
What is a in standard notation
126  cards
19: Exam Questions
Which statement s is correct abou...,
An electron in the lowest energy ...,
Polonium is a short lived radiois...
3  cards
19: Equations
Absorbed dose,
Effective dose,
Binding energy per nucleon
4  cards
How do you get impulse from a for...,
Motion of gas particleshow do gas...,
Describe the pathing of gas parti...
31  cards
181 rutherford experiment disprov...,
How do you investigate the struct...,
Describe rutherford s experiment
70  cards
questions that I got wrong
What happens when source of rays ...,
What happens when source of rays ...
31  cards
14 approximate value for radiowav...,
14 approx value for microwave wav...,
14 approx value for infrared wave...
8  cards

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