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Social Influence
What is internalisation and where...,
What is compliance and where migh...,
What is identification and where ...
114  cards
Approaches To Psychology: Origins of Psychology
What is psychology,
What are approaches in psychology,
What are the different approaches...
15  cards
Approaches To Psychology: Behaviourism
What were watson s assumptions,
Nearly all behaviour is learnt me...
63  cards
Approaches To Psychology: Biological Approach
What are the 3 assumptions of the...,
How does darwin s theory of evolu...
27  cards
Approaches To Psychology: Cognitive Approach
What does the cognitive approach ...,
How do cognitive psychologists tr...,
What type of approach is cognitive
32  cards
Appraoches To Psychology: Psychodynamic Approach
What does the psychodynamic appro...,
Assumptions of the psychodynamic ...,
What are the three levels of cons...
38  cards
Approaches To Psychology: Humanistic Approach
What does humanistic psychology f...,
What does humanistic psychology do,
What does humanistic psychology a...
38  cards
What is seen as abnormal,
What are the problems of defining...,
How can abnormality be should wit...
120  cards
Research Methods: Aims and Hypotheses
What is an aim,
What is a null hypothesis,
What happens if the data doesn t ...
14  cards
Research Methods: Experimental Design
What is an independent groups des...,
Advantages of independent groups ...,
Disadvantages of independent grou...
19  cards
Research Methods: Selecting and Using Participants
What is the target group,
What is the sample and why do you...,
What is a sample that is unrepres...
24  cards
Research Methods: Research Methods
What are aboratory experiments,
Strengths of laboratory experiments,
Limitations of laboratory experim...
42  cards
What is attachment,
What will securely attached infan...,
What are caregiver infant interac...
145  cards
Research Methods: Ethical Issues in Psychological Research
Why are ethics an important issue...,
What is the bps and what have the...,
What are the rules on informed co...
17  cards
Research Methods
What is the aim of a study,
What is a directional hypothesis ...,
When would you use a directional ...
201  cards
What is the sensory memory register,
What are the types of memory,
What is memory
126  cards
Reseach Methods Year 2
How to carry out sign test,
Assumptions of chi squared test,
Assumptions of chi squared test
34  cards
What is the human nervous system ...,
Function of the brain,
What is the spinal cord
154  cards
Issues and Debates
What is gender bias,
What is alpha bias,
What is beta bias
107  cards
How do evolutionary psychologists...,
What is natural selection,
What is sexual selection
152  cards
Forensic Psychology
What is a crime,
Problems with defining crime,
3 ways of measuring crime
173  cards
Statistics of schizophrenia,
What is psychosis,
Two ways of diagnosing schizophrenia
103  cards

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