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Culture, socialisation, norms and values
What is socialisation,
What are the two stages of social...,
What is primary socialisation
6  cards
Social Control and Sanctions
What is social control,
What are the two forms of agents ...,
What are informal agents of socia...
8  cards
Social Class
What is social class,
What are the three social classes,
What is the upper class like
14  cards
Ethnicity, Sex & Gender, Age, Disability and Sociological Theories.
What is ethnicity,
What is ethnicity made up of,
What is sex
8  cards
Sociological Theories & Functionalists Views of Education
What are state schools,
What are private schools,
What are public schools
24  cards
What theories are marxism,
How do marxists see society,
What do the ruling class own
8  cards
Marxists Views of Education
How does education reproduce clas...,
How does education legitimise cla...,
What do bowles and gintis argue t...
30  cards
Feminist Theories
What do feminists argue about sch...,
What do radical feminists argue a...,
What do girls face in schools
10  cards
What do postmodernists argue abou...,
What do postmodernists argue soci...,
What do postmodernists look at
6  cards
Additional Theories - Social Democratic Approach, Liberal Perspective
Who are the social democrats,
What do social democrats emphasis,
What do the government need to cr...
11  cards
Education and Social Policies
What are social policies,
What can the issues social polici...,
When was education made compulsory
8  cards
Marketisation and Privatisation of Education
What is the new right of education,
What is marketisation of education,
Why does marketisation create com...
30  cards
Policies to Achieve Greater Equality of Opportunity - Comprehensive Education
What is equality of opportunity,
What do policies to achieve great...,
When was comprehensive education ...
46  cards
Globalisation and Education
What does globalisation refer to,
What can globalisation be caused by
2  cards
Social Class and Education
What are out of school social cla...,
What are in school social class f...,
What can material deprivation lea...
36  cards
Social Class and Achievement
What in school factors affect soc...,
What is a label,
What did becker find out about te...
47  cards
Ethnicity and Achievement
What does labelling refer to,
Which ethnic minorities are more ...,
What are black caribbean twice as...
29  cards
Gender and Achievement
Which gender do teachers tend to ...,
What did francis find out about g...,
Why can gender stereotypes lead t...
54  cards
Quantitative and Qualitative Data
What is data,
What is primary data,
What is secondary data
12  cards
Factors That Influence Choice of Method
What does pets stand for,
What are the five practical factors,
What are the five ethical factors
20  cards
Primary Quantitative Methods - Laboratory Experiments
What does an experiment test,
What is a hypothesis,
What type of environment do labor...
7  cards
Primary Quantitative Methods - Field Experiments
Where does a field experiment tak...,
Name an example of where a field ...,
How does the researcher manipulat...
6  cards
Social Surveys and Sampling
What is a hypothesis,
Why do positivists favour a hypot...,
What is an advantage of a hypothesis
25  cards
Primary Quantitative - Questionnaires
What is social desirability,
What can social desirability reduce,
What are the advantages of questi...
7  cards
Primary Quantitative - Structured Interviews
What do structured interviews inv...,
What are prompts,
What is an interview schedule
12  cards
Primary Quantitative - Non-participant Observation
What does the researcher record i...,
Which two ways can non participan...,
How did hargreaves carry out his ...
8  cards
Primary Qualitative- Unstructured Interviews
What is an unstructured interview,
What does the interviewer try and...,
What is a rapport
10  cards
Primary Qualitative - Group Interviews
What are group interviews,
What are the strengths of group i...,
What are the weaknesses of group ...
5  cards
Primary Qualitative - Participant Observation
What is participant observation,
What are the three stages of part...,
What does getting in refer to in ...
10  cards
Secondary Sources of Data
What are official statistics,
What are the two types of officia...,
What are hard statistics
25  cards
Families & Households Introduction
Which family structures today don...,
What is a family,
What is a household
8  cards
Functionalism and the Family
What is macro theory,
What is structuralist theory,
What is consensus theory
18  cards
Marxism and the Family
What do marxists argue the family...,
What does marxist engels argue rc...,
How does marxist engels argue a m...
11  cards
Feminist Views of the Family
How do marxist feminists view the...,
What does marxist feminist bensto...,
Why does women being slaves of th...
18  cards
What is postmodernism characteris...,
What is a pure relationship,
What is a negotiated family
5  cards
The New Right
Which type of family do the new r...,
Why are the new right highly crit...,
Why might the new right propose t...
4  cards
Personal Life Perspective
What is the personal life perspec...,
What does smart suggest,
What does the personal life persp...
9  cards
The Family and State Policy
Which are examples of state polic...,
What are left wing views labour o...,
What are right wing views conserv...
29  cards
Gender Roles, Domestic Labour and Power Relationships in the Contemporary Family
What are segregated conjugal roles,
What are joint conjugal roles,
How are segregated conjugal roles...
41  cards
What do sociologists argue childh...,
What does childhood being a socia...,
Why is separateness the most impo...
36  cards
Child Centred Family
What is meant by a child centred ...,
Why might child centred families ...,
Why does greater democracy in a c...
18  cards
Changing Patterns in Family Life
Why may changing attitudes toward...,
Why may changing attitudes toward...,
Why may secularisation have led t...
13  cards
Which divorce law led to the grea...,
Why may the 1969 divorce reform a...,
How would changing divorce laws b...
25  cards
What is cohabitation,
Why has cohabitation increased ov...,
How would the increase in cohabit...
6  cards
Why are there more births outside...,
Why are women having children later,
Why are women having fewer children
4  cards
Family Diversity
What does family diversity refer to,
What is the traditional nuclear f...,
What is the traditional nuclear f...
33  cards
What is demography,
What are birth rates,
What are fertility rates
50  cards
Crime and Deviance - Introduction
What does deviance refer to,
What does crime refer to,
What are crime and deviance const...
8  cards
Crime Prevention - Right Realist Strategies
What is rational choice theory,
What do right realists argue need...,
What are examples of target harde...
12  cards
Crime Prevention - Left Realist Strategies
What do left realists argue about...,
Which group do left realists argu...,
What sort of intervention do left...
10  cards
What does surveillance refer to,
What sort of forms can surveillan...,
What did foucault argue about sur...
6  cards
What are the 4 main functions of ...,
What does incarceration refer to,
What does deterrence refer to
26  cards
Critical Victimology
Why might patriarchy lead to more...,
Why do feminists argue women dont...,
Why might toxic masculinity cause...
10  cards
Positivist Victimology
What does positivist victimology ...,
What is victim proneness,
How can victim proneness be criti...
5  cards
The Role of the Criminal Justice System
What is the aim of the criminal j...,
Who does the criminal justice sys...,
What is the role of the courts
7  cards
Functionalists Theories of Crime and Deviance
What does functionalist durkheim ...,
What do functionalists argue abou...,
What do functionalists argue crim...
7  cards
Functionalist Subcultural Theories - Merton: Strain Theory
Why does merton argue people comm...,
What does merton argue people do ...,
What does merton call the pressur...
10  cards
Functionalist Subcultural Theories - Cohen: Subcultural Theory and Status Frustration
What does cohen argue about wc males,
What does cohen are this labellin...,
What does cohen say may result fr...
5  cards
Functionalist Subcultural Theories - Cloward and Ohlin: Opportunity Structures
What do cloward and ohlin conside...,
How do cloward and ohlin agree wi...,
How do cloward and ohlins views d...
8  cards
Functionalist Subcultural Theories - Miller: Focal Concerns
What does miller argue about the wc,
What does miller argue about the ...,
What are the general criticisms o...
3  cards
Labelling Theories of Crime
What does becker argue about the ...,
What does becker argue about mora...,
What are the consequences of mora...
17  cards
Marxists Theories of Crime
What do marxists argue about crim...,
How do marxists argue about rules...,
What do marxists argue about sele...
5  cards
Realist Theories of Crime
What was left realism developed from,
What do left realists argue crime...,
What three factors have left real...
24  cards
Postmodernism and Crime
What is a postmodern society char...,
What do postmodernists argue crim...,
What do postmodernists argue crim...
8  cards
Ethnicity and Crime
What are the two viewpoints of et...,
What are left realists views on e...,
What cant police racism explain h...
15  cards
What does gilroy argue about ethn...,
Why does gilroy belive black crim...,
What does black crime being a pol...
10  cards
Gender and Crime
How does sex role theory explain ...,
How does parsons explain low crim...,
Why might girls being socialised ...
32  cards
Gender and the Criminal Justice System
What is the chivalry thesis,
What is double deviance,
What is the evidence for chivalry...
9  cards
Gender and Victimisation
Which crimes are women more likel...,
Which crimes are men more likely ...,
Why dont victims of sexual assaul...
8  cards
Middle Class Crime
What is white collar crime,
What are the three types of white...,
What is occupational crime
15  cards
Explaining Corporate Crime - Functionalism
How can strain theory can used to...,
What is differential association,
How can labelling theory be used ...
7  cards
The Media and Crime
What is a media saturated society,
Why may media representations of ...,
How does the media create a disto...
6  cards
The Media as a Cause of Crime
How is the media a cause of crime,
How does the media create a sense...,
How might the media creating a se...
8  cards
Globalisation and Crime
What does globalisation refer to,
What sort of new criminal opportu...,
How much does castell estimate th...
7  cards
Green Crime
What are green crimes,
What is transgressive criminology,
What are traditional criminologis...
12  cards
State Crime
What are state crimes,
What are examples of state crimes,
What three reasons do marxists gi...
12  cards
Beliefs in Society - Introduction
What are beliefs,
What are the three main sociologi...,
What does the substantive definit...
10  cards
Theories of Religion - Functionalism
What do functionalists see religi...,
What does functionalist durkheim ...,
What are sacred objects according...
14  cards
Theories of Religion - Traditional Marxists
What do traditional marxists see ...,
What did traditional marxists mar...,
How does traditional marxists mar...
7  cards
Theories of Religion - Neo-Marxists
How do neo marxists criticise tra...,
What are neo marxist gramscis vie...,
What is maduros liberation theology
4  cards
Theories of Religion - Feminism
How do feminists argue religion i...,
How do feminists argue religion i...,
What is the gender paradox
22  cards
Theories of Religion - Interpretivism
What does interpretivist weber be...,
What did the beliefs of calvinism...,
What did calvinists believe in wh...
13  cards
Theories of Religion - Postmodernism
What do postmodernists argue soci...,
What do postmodernists argue has ...,
In the past what did traditional ...
13  cards
Religious Fundamentalism
Who are fundamentalists,
What can religious fundamentalism...,
What are the features of religiou...
6  cards
The Organisations of Religion
What are the four types of religi...,
What is membership like for each ...,
What is the organisation of each ...
27  cards

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