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Autonomic Nervous System
The lateral gray horns of the tho...,
In the autonomic nervous system a...,
In the sympathetic division prega...
42  cards
Special Senses
What types of receptors are found...,
The membranes found in the vestib...,
When the light focuses in front o...
8  cards
Blood returning to the heart from...,
Cardiac muscle cells and skeletal...,
The atrioventricular valves permi...
40  cards
Heart 2
Depolarization of the atria corre...,
_____ is to contraction as _____ ...,
The structure that permits blood ...
40  cards
Heart 3
Which of the following is greater...,
The pericardial fluid is importan...,
If the connections between the va...
31  cards
Blood 1
Functions of the blood include al...,
Red blood cell production is regu...,
Damaged endothelial cells in the ...
25  cards
Blood 2
The cardiovascular system of an a...,
White blood cells that increase i...,
Each of the following is a charac...
25  cards
Blood 3
The waste product bilirubin is pr...,
A drop of deoxyhemoglobin blood i...,
Plasma proteins that are necessar...
25  cards
Blood 4
Erythrocytes are formed from stem...,
The common pathway of coagulation...,
The rbcs of a fetus and an adult ...
25  cards
Blood 5
The ____ pathway requires several...,
Clot retraction begins ____ after...,
The buffy coat of centrifuged blo...
22  cards
Blood Cells
Alpha and beta chains bound to ca...,
Recycling of hemoglobin 10 hemoly...
2  cards
Blood Vessels 1
The muscular layer of a blood ves...,
Which of the following is the inn...,
Which type of artery has a poorly...
20  cards
Blood Vessels 2
Arterial pressure is equal toa ve...,
During increased exercisea vasoco...,
At the knee the small saphenous t...
20  cards
Blood Vessels 3
After passing the first rib the s...,
You would expect to find fenestra...,
Blood flow through the circulator...
20  cards
Blood Vessels 4
Each of the following factors wou...,
Which of the following is faster ...,
Blood pressure is influenced by a...
20  cards
Blood Vessels 5
Vickie has a tumor that causes he...,
Which layer of a blood vessel con...,
Pulmonary arteries carry blood to...
18  cards
Lymph/Immune 1
The lymphatic system is composed ...,
The merging of _____ forms the ri...,
T is to _____ as b is to _____a t...
20  cards
Lymph/immune 2
Nonspecific defenses includea tho...,
The cell that dominates in the de...,
The thoracic duct drains lymph fr...
20  cards
Lymph/immune 3
Immunity that is genetically dete...,
Immunoglobulins that attach to ma...,
Hormones of the immune system inc...
20  cards
Lymphe/immune 4
In active immunization thea immun...,
The only antibodies that normally...,
If the thymus failed to produce t...
20  cards
Lymphe/immune 5
Leslie has a bad sore throat and ...,
The medullary cords of a lymph no...,
One major difference between a vi...
21  cards
Exam 1
If the axolemma becomes more perm...,
Microglia are found in the,
For the patellar reflex name the ...
23  cards
Exam 1 Part 2
Ipsps a result in local hyperpola...,
Threshold for the average neuron ...,
Prozac a serotonin re uptake inhi...
25  cards
Exam 2
What is the name of cranial nerve xi,
What is the name of cranial nerve x,
What is the primary action of cra...
23  cards
Exam 2 Part 2
Which structure is involved in fo...,
Which of the following structures...,
Which of the following structures...
21  cards
Exam 4 Part 1
In a normal cardiac cycle what tw...,
Your patients blood pressure is 1...,
What specific tissue makes up the...
27  cards
Exam 4 Part 2
A person with type ab blood has p...,
Abo and rh blood types are determ...,
The two leukocytes that are most ...
26  cards
Immune system notes
3 functions of lymphatic system,
5 components of lymphatic system,
Similar to plasma but less protei...
20  cards
Vessels/Immune quizes
What specific type of artery is f...,
What is the clinical condition wh...,
Valves are present in a arteriesb...
27  cards
Nonspecific Resistance
First line of defense are,
Fights pathogens that break thoug...,
Phagocytes nk cells immunological...
22  cards
Complement System
Complex system of plasma proteins...,
3 functions of complement system ...,
How does the classical pathway of...
5  cards
Specific Resistance
The third line of defense and the...,
3 requirements are 1 self vs non ...,
Example of natural active immunity
18  cards
Specific Resistance: 2. Activation
What cells see antigens if part o...,
_____ see antigens if part of mhc...,
The alarm that communicates to ot...
3  cards
lymph practice
Igm antibodies _________a attack ...,
Igg antibodies _________a are res...,
________ antibodies are responsib...
15  cards

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