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Exam #1 chapter 1 part 1
The scientific discipline that in...,
What is an example of anatomy,
What is an example of anatomy of ...
92  cards
Lab #1 quiz
The function that is to enable th...,
What is more important than magni...,
Even though it isnt always desire...
58  cards
Exam #1 Chapter 1 part 2 (body systems)
What are the 11 organ systems of ...,
Organs of the integumentary system 4,
What is the function of the integ...
25  cards
Exam #1 Chapter 1 part 3 (body orientation)
Refers to a person standing erect...,
Lying face upward,
Lying face downward
81  cards
Exam #1 Chapter 4 (Epithelial tissue and connective tissue)
Collections of specialized cells ...,
Four primary types of tissue,
Which tissues are the most divers...
148  cards
Lab #2 quiz
Material between the cells,
What is connective tissue charact...,
Depending on the type of tissue w...
76  cards
Exam #1 Ch. 4 part 2 (Bone, muscle, nervous tissue and tissue repair)
What does bone matrix contain,
Two types of bone,
What does spongy bone have
103  cards
Ch. 5 Integumentary System
What does skin consist of,
What cells are part of the epider...,
What is the most common cell in t...
104  cards
review questions exam 1
What organs are found in the abdo...,
What organs are found in the pelv...,
What organ system stores minerals
80  cards
Lab #3 quiz
Prominent projection,
Small rounded bump
32  cards
bones lab 3
Lamina of thoracic,
42  cards
Lab #4 quiz
Ramus of ischium,
202  cards
Exam #2 Chapter 6
During long bone growth what happ...,
If pressure in bones causes elect...,
What does pth cause osteoblasts t...
181  cards
Exam #2 Chapter 7
What does an angle represent on a...,
What are the characteristics of t...,
Which ribs are considered false ribs
82  cards
Exam #2 Chapter 8
What are joints classified by,
What are the structures that join...,
What are the functions that joint...
45  cards
Lab Practical 1 extras and muscles
Compresses abdomen depresses ribs...
114  cards
Exam #2 chapter 8 part 2 and extras
What is a joints range of motion ...,
Where is the talocural joint located,
How are types of movement at join...
75  cards
Lab Practical 1
Simple squamous epithelium that l...,
Layer that lines the heart and bl...,
73  cards
Exam #3 Chapter 9 Muscular system (histology & physiology) part 1
Though skeletal muscle fibers don...,
What are myofibrils composed of,
Where is smooth muscle located
90  cards
Exam #3 Chapter 9 Muscular System (Histology & Physiology) part 2
What is the 2nd step of the cross...,
What happens to the calcium ions ...,
What phases occurs after the stim...
62  cards
Lab Quiz # 6 muscle identification
36  cards
Lab Quiz #6 muscle definitions
Teres minor,
Tibialis anterior 2,
43  cards
Exam #3 chapter 9 (Histology & physiology) Part 3
Types of skeletal muscle fibers,
What type of myoglobin content do...,
What type of myoglobin content do...
113  cards
Exam #3 chapter 10
What do most muscles attach to bo...,
What is the origin,
What is the insertion
141  cards
Exam #3 chapter 10 muscle locations part 2
What is the origin of the coracob...,
What is the insertion of the cora...,
What is the action of the coracob...
134  cards
Exam #4 chapter 11
With graded potentials when chann...,
What will ions do with graded pot...,
What is the structure of a dendrite
98  cards
Exam #3 Chapter 11- part 2
What are action potentials caused by,
What causes ion differences,
What does neuron and muscles cell...
102  cards
Lab Quiz #7 part 1- neuron
13  cards
Lab Quiz #7 part 2 human brain
39  cards
Exam #4 Chapter 12
Where is the spinal cord located,
What does the spinal meninges do,
What is the dura mater composed of
74  cards
Exam #4 Chapter 12 part 2 (peripheral nerves)
What spinal nerves does the cervi...,
What spinal nerves the does the b...,
What spinal nerves does the lumba...
43  cards
Lab Quiz #7 sheep brain identification
32  cards
Exam #4 Chapter 13 part 1
What does the brain develop from,
What does the fluid filled center...,
What passes through the brain stem
114  cards
Exam #4 chapter 13 part 2
What do many of the cranial refle...,
Where is the falx cerebri located,
What is the outer layer the perio...
65  cards
Exam #4 extras
Which pathways allow different pa...,
Which pathway allows one part of ...,
What is a reverberating circuit
73  cards
Lab Quiz #8 peripheral nerves identification
14  cards
Lab Quiz #8 spinal cord identification
33  cards
Lab Quiz #8 histology- cross section of a peripheral nerve
12  cards
Lab Quiz #8 reflexes and questions
What type of reflex is the achill...,
What is the normal response for t...,
Which cranial nerve contains the ...
37  cards
Exam #5 Ch. 14
What is sensation the stimulation of,
What is perception,
Where are general senses
122  cards
Lab Quiz #8 histology of spinal cord and cross section of a peripheral nerve
15  cards
Exam #5 Ch. 14 part 2
What do spinocerebellar tracts carry,
What do primary neurons from the ...,
What do primary neurons from the ...
76  cards
Exam 5 Chapter 15 part 1
Where is the olfactory epithelium...,
What is olfaction,
What does olfaction occur in resp...
97  cards
Exam #5 ch 15 part 2
What does the inner ear consist of,
What do both hearing and equilibr...,
What are hair cells
69  cards
Lab Quiz #9 human ear/human eye
56  cards
Exam #5 chapter 16 part 1
What is one similarity between th...,
Where are somatic motor neuron ce...,
Where does a somatic motor neuron...
43  cards
Lab quiz #9 microscopic human eye and ear
12  cards
Lab Quiz #9 sheep eye
15  cards
Final Exam
What do osteoblasts involved in b...,
What are perforating canals,
Where do perforating canals run
53  cards
Lab quiz #1 sheep heart
If the probe ends in the left atr...,
If the probe ends in the right at...,
If the probe ends in the left ven...
4  cards

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