a&p i (fall 2022)

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Exam 1
What are the waste products that ...,
What mechanism is the major contr...,
What four factors introduced in l...
178  cards
Central Nervous System (Exam II)
What are the 4 major lobes of the...,
What are the 3 neuron types found...,
Which neuron type is the most com...
226  cards
Central Nervous System Anatomy (Exam II)
What structure is denoted by 1 on...,
What structure is denoted by 2 on...,
What structure is denoted by 3 on...
243  cards
CNS Focused Study (Exam II)
What are two portions of the dors...,
What sensory information does the...,
Where does crossover of the dcml ...
112  cards
Skeletal Muscle Physiology pt.1 (Exam III)
What organ system is the largest ...,
What s an example given in class ...,
What organ system is the primary ...
106  cards
Skeletal Muscle Physiology pt.2 (Exam III)
What role does ca play at the neu...,
What channels reset the v of the ...,
What presynaptic enzyme combines ...
73  cards
Smooth Muscle (Exam III)
What are smooth muscle cells leng...,
What is the actin myosin ratio of...,
What functions as a replacement f...
47  cards
Cardiac (Exam III)
Contraction strength of cardiac m...,
What is the v of the sa node,
What is the v of the ventricular ...
68  cards
Cardiac Electrophysiology (Exam IV)
Differentiate the location of psn...,
Where are the internodal pathways...,
Where does the interatrial pathwa...
107  cards
Cardiac Ion Channels (Exam IV)
What does the i stand for in desc...,
What is the iki channel what is i...,
What is the ina channel what is t...
11  cards
Cardiac Electrophysiology pt.2 (Exam IV)
Anything greater than ____ bpm is...,
What three causes of sinus tachyc...,
Ischemic tissue has more frequent...
81  cards
Cardiovascular Biophysics (Exam IV)
Why is the cv system necessary fo...,
What examples were given for impo...,
What examples were given for impo...
54  cards
Causes of Arrhythmias (Exam IV)
How does general anesthesia preci...,
How does general anesthesia preci...,
How does general anesthesia preci...
16  cards
Microcirculation (Exam IV)
The human body has how many capil...,
Precapillary sphincters are exten...,
Where do breaks in the endothelia...
26  cards
Renal Physiology (Final Exam)
What is the role of the kidney in...,
What is the role of the kidney in...,
What is the role of the kidney in...
116  cards
Renal Physiology Pt. 2 (Final Exam)
What names are given for cells wh...,
What is the name given for the si...,
What is transcellular reabsorption
103  cards
Renal Physiology pt 3 (Final Exam)
What stimulates vasopressin release,
What receptors sense osmolarity w...,
5 6 of adh release is determined ...
58  cards

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