a1 florida real estate sales associate license

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Chapter 1: The Real Estate Business
Licensees should have expert know...,
Real estate markets are _______ i...,
A transaction broker relationship...
24  cards
Chapter 2: License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
The florida real estate license l...,
The frec florida real estate comm...,
Chapter 475 part ______ deals wit...
33  cards
Chapter 3: License Law and Commission Rules
Condo rentals in florida are regu...,
Florida residential home sales ar...,
The dbpr offices are located in _...
45  cards
Chapter 4: Authorized Relationships, Duties, and Disclosures
_____ law is unwritten law create...,
_____ law is written law that hav...,
_____ law are rules and regulatio...
52  cards
Chapter 5: Brokerage Operations
Each active broker is required to...,
A broker s office must be of ____...,
A broker must maintain books reco...
81  cards
Chapter 6: Violations of License Law, Penalties, and Procedures
Courts can impose criminal and ci...,
The civil penalty for unlicensed ...,
Criminal violations of chapter 47...
37  cards
Chapter 7: Federal and State Laws
The _____ act of _____ prohibits ...,
The _____ act of _____ also calle...,
Exceptions to the federal fair ho...
49  cards
Chapter 8: Real Property Rights
_____ is physical tangible and im...,
_____ includes anything growing o...,
_____ includes real estate plus l...
58  cards
Chapter 9: Title, Deeds, and Owner Restrictions
Title _____,
Title to _____ is the ownership o...,
Physical possession of a property...
74  cards
Chapter 10: Legal Descriptions
The four methods used to legally ...,
This method is the oldest but lea...,
_____ are measurements of distanc...
29  cards
Chapter 11: Contracts
A contract is an _____ between 2 ...,
Oral contracts are also known as ...,
True false valid oral and written...
50  cards
Chapter 12: Real Estate Finance
_____ theory of mortgages are the...,
_____ theory of mortgages allows ...,
Florida uses the _____ theory of ...
50  cards
Chapter 18: Taxes Affecting Real Estate
There are three primary taxing di...,
Taxes are in ______ which is ____...,
Budget revenue n
34  cards
Chapter 19: The Real Estate Market
The four agents of production are...,
Supply of real estate includes va...,
_______ is based on price income ...
19  cards
Chapter 13: Types of Mortgages and Sources of Finance
The fha does not make loans inste...,
Fha section ______ is the origina...,
Fha loans are underwritten in ___...
33  cards
Chapter 14: Real Estate Computations and Closing Transactions
The _____ must clear any title pr...,
The seller provides either an ___...,
The purpose of a closing statemen...
18  cards
Chapter 15: Appraisal
An appraisal is a process leading...,
Value estimate is of the ______ n...,
Most appraisers are paid an agree...
47  cards
Chapter 16: Introduction to Residential Product Knowledge
A corner lot gives ______ in buil...,
In cul de sac lots front yards ar...,
The ______ is located below grade...
19  cards
Chapter 17: Real Estate Investments, Business Brokerage, and Auctioning
The most important factor of ever...,
A ______ allows groups of investo...,
______ risk is not insurable and ...
23  cards
Chapter 20: Planning and Zoning
Planning commissions have authori...,
_____ is the study of soil types ...,
_____ is the study of local busin...
15  cards

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