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Theories Of Religion
Summarise the key features of sub...,
Summarise the key features of fun...,
Summarise the key features of con...
38  cards
Religion And Social Change
Identify two ways in which religi...,
Give two examples of traditional ...,
Briefly outline how functionalist...
33  cards
Give four changes to religion in ...,
Define secularisation,
Explain how church attendance tod...
37  cards
Religion, Renewal And Choice
Use an example to explain the ide...,
Briefly explain what davie means ...,
Briefly explain what davie means ...
54  cards
Religion In A Global Context
Why does fundamentalism arise,
What challenges might there be to...,
Briefly explain the following fea...
39  cards
Organisations, Movements And Members
According to troeltsch what is a ...,
According to troelsch what is a sect,
According to niebuhr what is a de...
61  cards
Ideology And Science
Why does society have faith in sc...,
Why has societys faith in society...,
Briefly explain what is meant by ...
51  cards
Functionalist, Strain and Subcultural Theories
Define value consensus,
Define culture,
Summarise the two key mechanisms ...
44  cards
Interactionism and Labelling Theory
What are labelling theorists inte...,
According to labelling theorists ...,
Define moral entrepreneurs
46  cards
Class, Power and Crime
In what way do marxists agree wit...,
In what way do marxists criticise...,
Briefly explain how marxists view...
42  cards
Realist Theories of Crime
Why do right realists see crime a...,
Why do right realists criticise o...,
Briefly outline the three factors...
37  cards
Gender, Crime and Justice
Briefly outline four patterns of ...,
Briefly outline two arguments put...,
Briefly outline what is meant by ...
55  cards
Ethnicity, Crime and Justice
Why might official statistics not...,
What do victim surveys tell us ab...,
Briefly outline four limitations ...
33  cards
Crime and The Media
Briefly outline the three ways in...,
According to schlesinger and tumb...,
According to soothill and walby h...
40  cards
Globalisation, Green Crime, Human Rights and State Crime
Define globalisation,
List some of the causes of global...,
According to held what causes the...
79  cards
Control, Punishment and Victims
According to clarke what is situa...,
Briefly outline the three feature...,
Briefly outline three methods of ...
76  cards
Quantitative Research Methods
According to positivists why shou...,
Give an example of a pattern of s...,
According to positivists why do s...
111  cards
Qualitative Research Methods
According to interpretivists why ...,
In what way do unstructured inter...,
What is the main attraction of un...
72  cards
Sociology and Science
Briefly outline the enlightnment ...,
Why did early sociologists want t...,
According to positivists what are...
67  cards
Objectivity and Values In Sociology
Outline the three views of whethe...,
According to the early positivist...,
In what way was the role of socio...
29  cards
Briefly outline the key features ...,
Briefly explain the organic analogy,
Briefly outline parsons three sim...
37  cards
What does marxism have in common ...,
Briefly outline two ways in which...,
Briefly explain the similarities ...
34  cards
Feminist Theories
How do feminists view society,
When was the first wave of feminism,
What do feminists mean by malestr...
62  cards
Action Theories
Briefly outline the position of a...,
Briefly outline the two levels th...,
Briefly outline webers four types...
60  cards
Globalisation, Modernity and Postmodernity
Briefly outline what is meant by ...,
Briefly outline the following cha...,
Briefly outline the following cha...
59  cards
Sociology and Social Policy
Briefly outline what social polic...,
How does worsley define a social ...,
According to worsley what is a so...
36  cards

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