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CHEST Questions
Elevated scvo2 eg 75 indicates what,
Loud fixed split s2 indicated car...,
Cardiac contraindications 3 to ri...
59  cards
Hypertensive Emergencies
Definition of hypertensive crisis,
Definition of hypertensive urgency,
Triad of pres posterior reversibl...
32  cards
Tachyarrhythmias & ACLS
Ddx of irregular svt,
Ddx of regular svt,
4 different types of af based on ...
21  cards
Bradyarrhythmias, Pacing, ICDs
Use of atropine cautioned in what...,
Medication used for ccb or bb ove...,
Isoproterenol use side effect pha...
25  cards
Acute Coronary Syndrome
What is the glagov phenemenon,
Incidence of 1st ekg in acs,
Time limit for pci for patent pre...
19  cards
Heart Failure & Mechanical Circulatory Support
Acc aha stages of hf,
Nyha stages of hf,
Difference in timing for hf stage...
10  cards
Vital sign uop changes in stage i...,
Vital sign uop changes in stage i...,
Vital sign uop changes in stage i...
24  cards
Hemodynamic monitoring
How to find waveforms on cvp tracing,
Where to measure cvp,
A wave on cvp tracing indicates what
17  cards
CV Board Review Pearls
Rvr rate control options with hfref,
Rvr rate control options with copd,
Specific ekg finding for digoxin ...
4  cards
Cardiac us probe is aka what,
Vascular us probe is aka what,
Abdominal us probe is aka what
12  cards
GI Bleeding, Pancreatitis, C Diff
Inr goals in massive gib,
3 scoring systems for gib what ar...,
What are the components of the ai...
18  cards
Liver Failure
Definition of acute liver failure,
Main ddx for liver failure in the...,
Main ddx for liver failure in the...
30  cards
Transfusion & Coagulopathies
Bite cells pathognomonic for what...,
When is empiric initial txa indic...,
Teg has been studied in what pati...
8  cards
Heme/Onc Emergencies
Effect of steroids for acute ches...,
Role for hydroxyurea in acute che...,
Treatment of acute chest crisis
29  cards
Extra-Pulmonary Infections
Seizures in meningitis should pro...,
Indications for head ct prior to lp,
Empiric antibiotics for bacterial...
41  cards
Intra-abdominal emergencies
Most common artery causing acute ...,
Treatment of acute mesenteric isc...,
Grade intra abdominal hypertension
6  cards
In outpatient tx cap what are the...,
Patient specific risk factors for...,
Components of curb 65 score
13  cards
Care of Immunocompromised Patient
2 examples of immunoglobulin or c...,
Immunoglobulin compliment deficie...,
Immunoglobulin compliment deficie...
84  cards
Seizures, Strokes, Intracranial Bleeding
Definition of refractory status e...,
1st line tx for seizures are bzds...,
Tox of fosphenytoin
36  cards
Neuromuscular Dz, TBI, Intracranial HTN, Brain death
Sx of als amyotrophic lateral scl...,
Medical name of lou gehrig s dz,
Muscle weakness w tongue fasicula...
40  cards
Mcc of ards,
By berlin definition how long bet...,
Difference in outcomes in high vs...
9  cards
Obstructive Lung Disease
Where are west zones of the lung,
Dose of magnesium for ae asthma,
Sao2 target for copd
6  cards
Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Initial ac of choice in pregnancy...,
Fluid strategy with pe,
When giving systemic tpa for mass...
6  cards
Describe the setup for v av ecmo ...,
Titration goals of va ecmo
2  cards
Sedation, Delirium & Weaning from Ventilator
Toxicity from morphine hydromorphone,
Toxicity of meperidine,
Toxicity of methadone
15  cards
Airway management & bronchoscopy
Biggest risk factor for difficult...,
Classification of upper lip bite ...,
Reversal for rocuronium or vecuro...
14  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
Regarding mechanical ventilation ...,
Regarding mechanical ventilation ...,
Type 1 vs type 2 respiratory failure
4  cards
Ventilatory Crises
No testable points to this lectur...
1  cards
AKI, Acid/Base
Buzzword muddy brown casts on ua dx,
Urine studies of atn specifically...,
Difference in physiology between ...
23  cards
Calorie target for enteral nutrit...,
Sx of refeeding syndrome,
Tx refeeding syndrome
7  cards
Rapid increase in sodium causes w...,
Rapid decrease in sodium causes w...,
Mechanism of action of tolvaptan
20  cards
Endocrine emergencies
In dka below what level of k shou...,
What effect dosteroids or vasopre...,
Medications that can cause myxede...
18  cards
Poisoning & Overdose
Drugs classes 3 that cause mydriasis,
Drugs classes 2 that cause miosis,
Time limit for activated charcoal
37  cards
End of Life, Ethics
Components of value regarding fam...,
What is the doctrine of double ef...,
Effect of using palliative care i...
3  cards
Definition of validity,
Equation for sensitivity,
Equation for specificity
16  cards
Trauma & Perioperative Care
What is damage control recussitat...,
What is best massive transfusion ...,
Mechanism of action of tranexamic...
10  cards
Hypo-, Hyper-thermia & rhabdomyolysis
Grade severity of hypothermia,
Ekg findings in hypothermia,
Shivering stops below what temper...
15  cards

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