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Chapter 1- Abnormal Psychology: An Overview
How are mental disorders defined ...,
Why do we need to classify mental...,
How does culture affect what is c...
24  cards
Chapter 2- Historical And Contemporary Views Of Abnormal Behaviour
Describe hippocrates contribution...,
Describe the important contributi...,
Describe the important contributi...
16  cards
Chapter 3- Causal Factors And Viewpoints
What are some examples of protect...,
Describe how imbalances of neurot...,
Neurons that are sensitive to a p...
17  cards
Chapter 4- Clinical Assessment And Diagnosis
Describe the influence of profess...,
Explain what is meant by rapport ...,
Discriminate between structured a...
16  cards
Chapter 5 – Stress And Physical And Mental Health
What are some key factors that ma...,
Characterize the dsm iv diagnosis...,
List the diagnostic criteria for ...
11  cards
Chapter 6 – Panic, Anxiety, And Their Disorders
Distinguish between fear and anxiety,
What are the seven primary types ...,
Describe the various causal facto...
21  cards
Chapter 7 – Mood Disorders And Suicide
Explain the criteria for major de...,
Explain the criteria for manic ep...,
Explain the prevalence of mood di...
16  cards
Chapter 9 – Eating Disorders And Obesity
What does the term anorexia nervo...,
At the heart of this disorder is ...,
Disorders of food ingestion regur...
35  cards
Chapter 12 – Sexual Variance, Abuse, And Dysfunction
Persistent sexual behaviour patte...,
What are 8 speific paraphilias,
Sexual variant in which sexual in...
42  cards
Chapter 8 – Somatoform And Dissociative Disorders
This disorder is characterized by...,
What are four symptom categories ...,
Note the similarities and differe...
18  cards
Chapter 10 – Personality Disorders
Identify problems associated with...,
What does cluster a of the person...,
What do cluster b personality dis...
27  cards
Chapter 11 – Substance-Related Disorders
Behaviour based on the pathologic...,
Drug that affects mental functioning,
Poisonous nature of a substance
41  cards
Chapter 13 – Schizophrenia And Other Psychotic Disorders
Severe impairment in the ability ...,
Describe the origins of schizophr...,
Explain epidemiology of schizophr...
39  cards
Chapter 14 – Neurocognitive Disorders
A consequence of brain disease in...,
A consequence of brain disease in...,
Consequence of brain disease in w...
27  cards
Chapter 15 – Disorders Of Childhood And Adolescence
What are five vulnerabilities to ...,
Discuss general issues in the cla...,
Disorder of childhood characteriz...
39  cards

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