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Anatomical, Directional, and Regional Terms
Anterior ventral,
Posterior dorsal,
19  cards
Components of Physical Fitness
Muscular strength,
Muscular endurance,
Cardiovascular endurance
8  cards
Acute Responses to Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise,
Steady state,
Parasympathetic nervous system
14  cards
Chronic Training Adaptations to Aerobic Exercise
Said principle,
Maximal oxygen consumption vo2 max,
Adenosine trisphosphate atp
5  cards
Essentials of Exercise: Chapter 5 - Physiology of Training
To meet the increaseed demands of...,
Cardiac output,
Heart rate hr
28  cards
Essentials of Exercise: Chapter 1 - Human Anatomy
Anatomical position,
What are the four structural leve...,
Connective tissues
8  cards
Table 6.1
Family history,
Cigarette smoking
9  cards
Essentials of Exercise: Ch. 1 - Cardiovascular System
What makes up the cardiovascular ...,
27  cards
Essentials of Exercise: Ch. 1 - Respiratory System
What 4 primary things does the re...,
21  cards
Essentials of Exercise: Ch. 1 - Digestive System
Gastrointestinal gi tract,
Each cell in the body requires a ...,
How to do people obtain energy
11  cards
Personal Training Manual: Ch. 5 - Integrated Fitness Training Model
Fitt vp,
What are the four phases of the i...
15  cards
Personal Training Manual: Ch. 6 - Building Rapport and the Initial Investigation Stage
Three attributes are essential to...,
What are the four essential stage...
2  cards
Figure 6.3 - Risk Classification
Low risk asymptomatic 2 risk factors,
Moderate risk asymptomatic or equ...,
High risk symptomatic or known ca...
7  cards
Skeletal System
What are the two different catego...,
What are the three main types of ...,
17  cards
Nervous System
What three things does the nervou...,
What are the two different parts ...,
What are the two different divisi...
14  cards
Muscular System
What are the three types of muscles,
How do bones attach to muscles,
Tendons of insertion
21  cards
Human Movement
Sagittal plane,
Frontal plane,
Transverse plane
16  cards
PT Manual: Ch. 7 - Functional Assessments: Posture, Movement, Core, Balance, and Flexibility
What are the 6 correctable factor...,
What are the 4 non correctable fa...,
What are the five key postural de...
33  cards

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