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Chapter 1-Life Insurance Products (Endowments)
Define new business strain both i...,
Define anti selection,
Describe an endowment contract 6 ...
8  cards
Chapter 2-Life Insurance Products (Whole Life and Term Assurance))
Describe a whole life assurance c...,
Discuss the risks to an insurance...,
Describe a term assurance contract
8  cards
Chapter 3-Life Insurance Products (Annuities)
Describe in detail the core struc...,
What forms structural basis may b...,
State key risks to an insurance c...
6  cards
Chapter 4-Life Insurance Products (Structural Bases)
Describe 4 bases on which life in...,
For each of the following product...,
Compare conventional without prof...
9  cards
Chapter 5-Income Protection Insurance
Discuss the customer needs met by...,
List the key features of an ip co...,
What kind of product variations a...
17  cards
Chapter 8-Asset Shares
Define asset share,
List 6 deductions that may be mad...,
Explain in words how an asset sha...
3  cards
Chapter 9-With-profits surplus distribution 1
List 3 forms in which profits can...,
Explain why the insurer and the w...,
What is it that forms part of the...
15  cards
Chapter 10-With-profits surplus distribution 2
Describe the revalorisation syste...,
State 4 advantages of revalorisat...,
State 4 disadvantages of the reva...
13  cards
Chapter 6-Critical illness insurance
Describe a critical illness insur...,
In addition to the core descripti...,
What characteristics are required...
16  cards
Chapter 7 Long-term care Insurance
Describe a long term care insuran...,
What is long term care,
Describe the optimal outcomes of ...
21  cards
Chapter 11 General Business Environment (1)
List the factors in the general b...,
Another useful acronym from ca1 a...,
List 4 distribution channels used...
12  cards
Chapter 12 General Business Environment (2)
Describe how an insurer may be af...,
Outline main types of expenses an...,
State 2 main risks with regard to...
10  cards
Chapter 20 Product Design
List 12 factors to be considered ...,
State key consideration with rega...,
Areas of product design important...
13  cards
Chapter 13-Risk 1
List 16 possible sources of risk ...,
Risk due to data types of datawha...,
Risk due to data types of datawev...
8  cards
Chapter 14-Risks 2
Risk due to new business mix expl...,
Risk due to new business volumes ...,
Risk due to competition why is co...
9  cards
Chapter 15-Risks 3
State the overall aims of a life ...,
Comment on aggregation and concen...,
How might a company go about asse...
5  cards
Chapter 16-Unit Pricing
Define an internal unit linked fu...,
What are the principle risks asso...,
State the basic equity principle ...
9  cards
Chapter 17-Actuarial Funding
What is actuarial funding 4,
What are the requirements necessa...,
What common mechanisms can be use...
8  cards
Chapter 18-Models (1)
State the prime objective in buil...,
State the requirements of a good ...,
List the general features of a li...
10  cards
Chapter 19-Models (2)
What is product pricing 2 outline...,
Model pointswhat is a model point...,
Define the term profit criterion ...
20  cards
Chapter 23-Supervisory Reserves and Capital Requirements (1)
Reserves backgroundwhat are the 2...,
Reserves backgroundwhat 2 primary...,
Define the gross premium valuatio...
16  cards
Chapter 24-Supervisory Reserves and Capital Requirements (2)
Discuss the relationship between ...,
State how in theory the assets an...,
Describe how the investment retur...
16  cards
Chapter 21-Setting Assumptions (1)
Background on assumptionswhat is ...,
Best estimate mortality list 2 se...,
Best estimate mortality outline a...
27  cards
Chapter 22-Setting Assumptions (2)
In the first chapter on setting a...,
Valuing liabilities overviewbroad...,
Valuing liabilities overviewwhat ...
22  cards
Chapter 25-Surrender Values
List principles that should be co...,
Discuss the influence of pre when...,
Discuss the influence of pre when...
20  cards
Chapter 26-Alterations
There are 2 broad categories of a...,
State the three principles that s...,
There are 2 broad categories of a...
13  cards
Chapter 27-Guarantees and Options
Why are investment guarantees use...,
Give examples of investment guara...,
For insurers who have control ove...
19  cards
Chapter 32-Policy Data Checks
List 5 types of policy data checks 5,
For what purposes might data reco...,
What kind of data reconciliation ...
5  cards
Chapter 33-Investment
State the 3 main principles of in...,
List the 4 main asset classes in ...,
What are the key characteristics ...
26  cards
Chapter 29-Reinsurance (1)
Define reinsurance 6,
What are the main types of reinsu...,
Describe factultative vs obligato...
19  cards
Chapter 30-Reinsurance (2)
List various reasons why insurers...,
What is insurance parameter risk ...,
Describe 2 factors which lead to ...
12  cards
Chapter 31-Underwriting
Explain what is meant by underwri...,
Two fundamental risks the insuran...,
How does underwriting help insure...
14  cards
Chapter 34-Further Risk Management
What are some initial risk manage...,
Expense control what is the main ...,
Expense control discuss the vario...
12  cards
Chapter 35-Monitoring Experience
List reasons for monitoring exper...,
List 4 reasons a life company may...,
List ways in which experience ana...
30  cards

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