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(Org setup I 3%) Default Locale and language settings
Describe the use of Locale settings in Salesforce Identify various personal and organizational language settings
10  cards
(Org setup I 3%) Company settings: Time Zone and Currencies
Identify the two types of time zones that can be set in salesforce
7  cards
(Org setup I 3%) Organization ID, Licenses, and Salesforce API
What is an organization id,
Where can you find the organizati...,
Will the org id be different acro...
10  cards
(Org setup I 3%) Business Hours, Holidays and Fiscal Year Configurations
What is business hours and holida...,
Can multiple business hours be de...,
Where is the business hour case f...
9  cards
(Org setup I 3%) Data and File Storage
How is data storage used,
How much space do records use,
How is file storage used
5  cards
(Org setup I 3%) Review
What do locale settings impact,
What do business hours and holida...,
What are the options to define fi...
12  cards
(Org setup II 3%) UI settings
What are the two default record p...,
Full view,
Grouped view
26  cards
(Org setup II 3%) Search Settings
What two ways can admins configur...,
Global search,
Lookup search
7  cards
(Org setup II 3%) List Views
List view,
Kanban view,
What are added to display only th...
5  cards
(Org setup II 3%) Homepage Layouts
What is the homepage,
Lightning app builder,
Steps to create a custom home page
3  cards
(Org setup II 3%) Review
Where can users perform record se...,
What do the user interface settin...,
What does an enhanced lookup offer
17  cards
(User Setup 7%) Things you should know.
What makes up a user record,
How do you create multiple users,
How do you create a single user
14  cards
User Setup 7% Identify the steps to set up/ maintain a user
Who can reset a password,
Who can unlock a user account due...,
What steps need to be done to cre...
14  cards
User Setup 7% Understand the implications of activating, deactivating, and freezing a user
What options do you have if you w...,
Why cant users be deactivated imm...,
Can deactivated users be reactivated
9  cards
User Setup 7% Review
Why would a user be freezed,
What are some common user access ...,
What can be done to immediately p...
9  cards
(Security and Access 13%) Explain various organization security controls
Describe how to use various password policies to implement restrictions related to password requirements Identify the ways of controlling where and when users can log in to Salesforce Identify different ways of confirming the identity of users through a second form of authentication Explain the usage of login forensics and security health check
15  cards
(Security and Access 13%) Apply appropriate security controls for certain scenarios
Identify the appropriate security controls for various user request scenarios Describe how access to objects can be defined in Salesforce Explain the different options available for giving users access to records, including organization-wide defaults, role hierarchy, sharing rules, and manual sharing Explain the use of field-level security to control the visibility of data at the field level
20  cards
(Security and Access 13%) Determine the appropriate use of a custom profile
Standard profile,
Custom profile,
Profile settings
15  cards
(Security and Access 13%) How folders can be used to organize and secure communication templates, dashboards, and reports
Describe the use of folders to manage reports, dashboards, documents, and email templates. Identify the main features available for report and dashboard folders in Lightning Experience
10  cards
(Security and Access 13%) Review
What checks are done when users t...,
What are examples of standard pro...,
Why and how are custom profiles c...
49  cards
(Standard and Custom Objects 14%) Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model
What are the two types of objects...,
What are standard objects,
Examples of standard objects are
42  cards
(Standard and Custom Objects 14%) Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts
What are the steps for creating a...,
What are the considerations for u...,
Describe considerations for chang...
8  cards
What can be customized for standa...,
What are the main custom field at...,
What is an external id
22  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications I 14%) capabilities and implications of the sales process
Identify the capabilities and imp...,
Describe the use of opportunity s...,
Describe the main features of col...
44  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications I 14%) identify appropriate sales productivity features
Identify the main features of a s...,
Explain the use of path for track...,
Explain the use of kanban view in...
33  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications I 14%) Review
What is kanban view,
What can be used to send alerts r...,
How does salesforce support estim...
24  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications II 14%) Describe the capabilities of lead automation tools.
Identify the key lead fields used...,
Describe the use of lead queues,
Describe how lead records can be ...
22  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications II 14%) Describe the capabilities of campaign management
Identify the main features availa...,
Describe how the progress of a ca...,
Identify the features available f...
43  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications II 14%) Describe the capability of salesforce content
Identify the main capabilities of...,
Explain the use of content delive...,
Describe how libraries can be use...
22  cards
(Sales and Marketing Applications II 14%) Review
How can duplicate leads be identi...,
What tools and features are avail...,
What is lead conversion
20  cards
(Service and support applications 13%) Describe the capabilities of case management
Case management capabilities,
Case management features,
Case creation
36  cards
(Service and support applications 13%) Identify how to automate case management
Case teams,
Escalation rules,
Case automation features 10
43  cards
(Service and support applications 13%) describe the capabilities of salesforce knowledge
Capabilities of salesforce knowledge,
Data categories,
Data category groups
63  cards
(Service and support applications 13%) Describe the capabilities of the salesforce experience cloud sites
Capabilities of salesforce experi...,
Experience cloud site,
Types of experience cloud sites
48  cards
(Service and support applications 13%) Review
What is a case process,
When would you use case comments ...,
What can you set in case settings
29  cards
(Activity management and collaboration 3%) Describe
Activity management capabilities,
Tasks events,
Activity timeline
49  cards
(Activity management and collaboration 3%) Describe the features of chatter
What is chatter,
Chatter features,
What is a chatter feed and what d...
81  cards
(Activity management and collaboration 3%) Review
What is the difference b w tasks ...,
How do group tasks work,
What can be customized with activ...
21  cards
(Data Management 10%) Describe considerations when importing, updating, transferring, and mass deleting data
Duplicate management,
Recycle bin,
Data quality considerations
32  cards

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