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Who ordered gamay be ripped up an...,
Who is the only producers of musi...,
Who is emmanuel rouget
392  cards
Champagne and Sparkling Wine
What direction do the vineyards o...,
What is the prominent grape of th...,
What districts of champagne do no...
340  cards
Fortified Wines
What are the vdl s for the follow...,
When was the douro first demarcated,
What is a mistelle
198  cards
Viniculture and Viticulture
Phomopsis viticola is a simlar bu...,
What is esca commonly known as wh...,
What is bordeaux mixture when was...
115  cards
Are white wines under bordeaux su...,
Describe the wines of st estephe,
Entre deux mers lies on the confl...
239  cards
Loire Valley
Are still rose wines allowed for ...,
Can anjou wines be bottled as sau...,
Can the subzones of sevre et main...
263  cards
Rhone Valley, SW France, Languedoc, Roussillon, Corsica
Describe the wines of coteaux de ...,
How many communes are part of cot...,
What region has more acres under ...
366  cards
Alsace, Jura, Savoie
When did alsace receive aoc status,
When percentage of cremant d alsa...,
Where are the vineyards of alsace...
149  cards
Who owns the maximin grunhauser a...,
Who owns the josephshofer vineyard,
Who owns the eitelsbacher karthau...
322  cards
What is gemischter satz where is ...,
What subregions of niederosterrei...,
Is welschriesling related to ries...
177  cards
What is galicia s easternmost region,
What is the synonym for mission o...,
What does priorat derive it s nam...
429  cards
How long must espumanto do douro ...,
Fortified port from the douro dop...,
What percentage of the douro s wi...
182  cards
Where is boutari located,
What styles of wine are produced ...,
What district surrounds athens an...
87  cards
What is nebbiolo known as in ghem...,
What are the 4 docs of basilicata,
What is franciacorta saten and ho...
385  cards
Eastern Europe
What and where is the state quali...,
What are the 5 zones of productio...,
What are the 4 major wine regions...
87  cards
Hungary and Switzerland
Who owns oremus,
Who founded the royal tokaji co,
When was tokaji s classification ...
60  cards
What are two key factors in south...,
Who developed bag in the box tech...,
What two adelaide based centers h...
228  cards
New Zealand
Who originally identified many of...,
Who is romeo bragato,
What was 6 oclock swill
109  cards
South Africa
What was the first wine of south ...,
Who originally owned the constant...,
What happened to south africa in ...
191  cards
South America
Why did south america suffer in t...,
When did argentina chile and braz...,
What are the three leading wine p...
143  cards
Other USA, Mexico, Canada
Name 3 wild grape vines indigenou...,
What was the nations first bonded...,
When did the prohibition begin wh...
171  cards
What is the oldest winery in the ...,
When was schramsberg built by who,
What is the oldest continuously o...
205  cards
Spirits, Beer, Sake, Liquours
What is the boiling point of ethy...,
Who originally used fractional di...,
Who can modern distillation be tr...
245  cards
Black russian,
Bloody mary,
Bull shot
145  cards
Guado al tasso
197  cards

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