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Infection Control
Destroying or stopping the growth...,
Destructive to or precenting the ...
40  cards
Advanced Histology of the Cell and the Skin
Part of the blood cell line and f...,
A protein in a muscle fiber that ...,
Filaments connected to the catern...
171  cards
A hormone secreted by the adrenal...,
Male hormones,
A hormone that regulates absorbti...
47  cards
Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles and Nerves
Moving a limb away from the cente...,
A neurotransmitter widely found i...,
Moving a limb toward the center o...
63  cards
Anatomy and Physiology: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
Nongranular white blood cells,
A grouping of certain water solub...,
The connection point of different...
43  cards
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Secondary metabolites found in pl...,
A functional group with one nitro...,
Having a painkilling effect
42  cards
Laser, Light Energy, and Radiofrequency Therapy
The removal of surface material f...,
The ability to cut vaporize or re...,
The uptake of one substance into ...
37  cards
Wellness Management
Substances that neutralize free r...,
Long term stress that occurs when...
8  cards
Advanced Skin Disorders: Skin in Distress
Acne that develops in people who ...,
Small lumpy cysts in the eyelids,
Inflammation that can be seen wit...
41  cards
Skin Typing and Aging Analysis
A scale used to evaluate the leve...,
In biology one of several biologi...,
A scale that evaluates skin based...
3  cards
Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients, and Selection
Family of plant based antioxidant...,
The process of creating an ester,
Acid molecules that haven t been ...
25  cards
Botanicals and Aromatherapy
An extraction method using a solv...,
The process of adding natural or ...,
An anti inflammatory compound iso...
34  cards
Ingredients and Products for Skin Issues- no vocab
No card here
1  cards
Pharmacology for Estheticians
Selective seratonin inhibitors th...,
A general term used for any condi...,
A serious hypersensitive allergic...
55  cards
Advanced Facial Techniques
An agent that causes the skin to ...,
Peels of exfoliation treatments c...
2  cards
Advanced Skin Care Massage
The practice of inserting fine ne...,
A common gray to black fine grain...,
The sharing or transfer of heat b...
14  cards
Advanced Facial Devices
State of ultramicroscopic particl...,
Psychological disease that causes...,
Potentially serious infection of ...
17  cards
Advanced Hair Removal
The process in which heat causes ...,
The egyption word for threading,
A modality of electrolysis using ...
12  cards
Advanced Makeup
Small air operated tools that spr...,
Process of applying makeup to the...,
The bubbling of liquid nd air int...
5  cards
Spa Treatments
Wraps in which a blanket is appli...,
A body treatment involvign the ap...,
A wrap that uses a plastic materi...
14  cards
Complementary Wellness Therapies
The state of feeling grounded hav...,
Vital organs of the subtle energy...,
Completing or making whole balanc...
13  cards
Ayurveda Theory and Treatments
One of the world s oldest healing...,
One of the three subtle energies ...,
Clarified butter used for massage...
20  cards
Working in a Medical Setting
Rocedure that removes excessive f...,
Vidence based on observation and ...,
Title reserved for physicians who...
13  cards
Medical Terminology
A part of speech used to describe...,
The resulting combination of a ro...,
A vowel used to combine root word...
13  cards
Medical Intervention
Spastic movement of the orbicular...,
The mechanism that alters the per...,
The bacterium from which botox co...
16  cards
Plastic Surgery Procedures
The circular area of darker pigme...,
Weight loss surgery,
A plastic surgery procedure that ...
31  cards
The Esthetician's Role in Pre- and Post- Medical Treatments
An abnormal eaction and hypersens...,
A water soluble bland emollient o...,
A mountain plan found in the alps...
10  cards
Financial Business Skills
Anything your business owns,
A document that provides a financ...,
The point at which all costs are ...
22  cards
Promotional efforts that are paid...,
A key marketing presentation piec...,
The management of customer relations
10  cards

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