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Trauma part 1
Trauma is the leading cause of de...,
Receiving care at _______ reduces...,
Who estimates trauma is the leadi...
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Trauma part 2
Initial response to shock is medi...,
Hypotension in the state of shock...,
___________ blood flow is preserv...
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Trauma part 3
The glasgow coma scale assesses for,
Significant abnormalities on the ...,
________ will have a strong influ...
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Describe the vascular supply to t...,
The internal carotid artery branc...,
The basilar artery then branches ...
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Neurophysiology pharmacology
Alpha 1 agonists may cause,
Alpha 2 agonists may cause,
Beta blockers have
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Neurosurgery overview
Preoperative considerations for n...,
Describe preoperative considerati...,
The types of intraoperative neuro...
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Neurosurgery overview 2
Head injuries can include,
Primary brain injuries include,
Secondary brain injuries include
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Anesthesia for Burn injuries
Functions of the skin include,
Anatomy of the skin includes,
Types of burn injuries include
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Anesthesia for Kidney Transplant
The most commonly performed trans...,
Compared to hd a kidney transplan...,
There is a ________ vs remaining ...
26  cards
Anesthesia for the organ donor
The organ procurement and tranpsl...,
United network for organ sharing ...,
Describe allograft homograft
56  cards
Fluid & transfusion management pediatric anesthesia
Miv for 0 10 kg,
Miv for 10 20 kg,
Miv for 20 kg
37  cards
Pharmacology pediatric anesthesia
There is a large volume of distri...,
______ vd of fat soluble drugs oc...,
Children have altered and reduced
85  cards
Management of the challenging pediatric airway
The incidence of difficult intuba...,
____ is rarely an option in children,
Describe pediatric anatomical dif...
36  cards
Anesthetics for common pediatric procedures
Otorhinolaryngology is a,
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy m...,
Bilateral myringotomy and tympano...
77  cards
Pediatric preoperative evaluation, set-up, and anesthetic induction techniques
________ have the highest rate of...,
Bradycardia is secondary to,
Describe psychological preparation
87  cards
Medical conditions influencing management in pediatric anesthesia
Heent airway characteristics of d...,
Cardiovascular defects in patient...,
Ortho defects in patients with do...
67  cards
Emergencies in pediatric anesthesia
Risk factors for cardiac arrest i...,
From 1998 2004 the following reas...,
Declining use of _______ which wa...
35  cards
Pediatric crisis scenarios
Describe treatment for hyperkalemia,
Describe treatment for laryngospasm,
Describe treatment for trouble ve...
6  cards
Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery 1
Challenges associated with thorac...,
The lateral decubitus positioning...,
The lateral decubitus positioning...
48  cards
Anesthesia for thoracic surgery 2
Correct placement of a double lum...,
Problems with dlt placement include,
The most common problem encounter...
61  cards
Anesthesia for thoracic surgery 3
The use of video camera and surgi...,
Indications for thoracoscopic pro...,
Advantages of vats over thoracotomy
50  cards
Cardiac anesthesia 1
1 in 3 american adults have,
These minorities have a higher mo...,
Evidence supports that female gen...
54  cards
Cardiac anesthesia 2
Patient preparation prior to indu...,
Evaluating the need for mild seda...,
Line placement prior to induction...
64  cards
Cardiac anesthesia Part 2
Priority status for heart transpl...,
From retrieval to reimplementatio...,
The typical heart transplant reci...
35  cards
Cardiac anesthesia 3
Preventing emboli for cerebral pr...,
After coronary anastomosis you wi...,
Rewarming begins
38  cards
Anesthesia for vascular surgery 1
Coexisting diseases with vascular...,
______ is the leading cause of pe...,
________ occur in 23 to 28 of vas...
57  cards
Anesthesia for vascular surgery 2
The principal cause of carotid ar...,
Atherosclerosis commonly occurs a...,
Signs symptoms of atherosclerosis...
55  cards
Anesthesia for vascular surgery 3
Evar technique is used for all ty...,
The evar technique is useful beca...,
Anesthesia technique for evars in...
47  cards
Anesthesia for vascular surgery 4
Thoracic aortic aneurysms are ass...,
The repair approach for thoracic ...,
Thoracoabdominal aortic surgery c...
22  cards
Neuraxial Review Part 1
The anatomic landmark for spinal ...,
A spinal is based on,
An epidural is a _____ block
56  cards
Neuraxial Review Part 2- LA pharmacology
Esters include,
Amides include,
The quickest onset ester is
18  cards
Obstetric Patient Part 1
Changes during pregnancy include,
Describe the main changes to the ...,
Hr will increase by
60  cards
Obstetric Patient Part 2
The following factors influence a...,
Absence of pain does not guaratee,
The best analgesic technique is o...
51  cards
Obstetric Patient Part 3
Postpartum hemorrhage is defined ...,
Pph is the result of,
Uterine atony is associated with
43  cards
Pain lecture part 1
Common chronic pain conditions in...,
The following material is release...,
Release of substance p calcitonin...
45  cards
Pain lecture part 2
The primary action of oxymorphone is,
Hydrocodone has activity on,
Hydromorphone as activity on
45  cards
Tocolytics & Uterotonics Part 1
Tocolytics are administered to,
Tocolytics are administered to re...,
The onset of tocolytics and maxim...
40  cards
Tocolytics & uterotonics part 2
Cyclooxygenase inhibitors work by,
Cyclooxygenase inhibitor examples...,
Anesthetic implications of cylcoo...
21  cards
Review deck
The circle of willis is made up of,
Normal icp is,
Calculation of cpp is
42  cards
Review deck 2
Describe the maintenance fluid fo...,
Normal iv boluses for kids are,
Describe how to estimate blood re...
58  cards
Review deck 3
Joules to shock an open heart is at,
Hpv works to,
Blood flow distribution in two lu...
40  cards
Review Deck 4
To come off of bypass,
Complications of aortic cross cla...,
Protamine is given slowly because...
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