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Beer, Sake, Spirits & Cocktails
What is the oldest alcoholic beve...,
What is the reinheitsgebot,
What is the german name for the b...
137  cards
Business of Wine
MW Level approach to the business of wine paper
46  cards
Champagne & Sparkling Wine
What region of champagne is epern...,
What are the additional 4 champag...,
What are two methods of disgorgement
209  cards
France: Alsace, Jura & Savoie
What is the only alsatian grand c...,
What is bugey cerdon,
Bastardo is also known as what
63  cards
France - Burgundy / General
What is cave des vignerons de buxy,
What is cold maceration who was t...,
Name three burgundian cooperages
637  cards
France - Burgundy / Chablis
What are the 4 chablis aops,
What are the 7 grand crus of chablis,
What is the min alcohol required ...
21  cards
France - Burgundy / Côte de Nuits
What are 2 premiers crus in morey...,
Out of the 4 clos grands crus of ...,
What are considered the two best ...
126  cards
France - Burgundy / Côte de Beaune
Meursault style vs puligny montra...,
Reason for number of grower produ...,
Saint romain
152  cards
France - Burgundy / Côte Chalonnaise
What cote challonaise,
Cote chalonnaise n to s,
Which chalonnaise aops produce wh...
14  cards
France - Burgundy / Mâconnaise
What are the styles and varietals...,
If a macon wine carries a geograp...,
What styles are authorized for ma...
12  cards
France: Loire Valley
Where is the category fines bulle...,
What is the secondary grape allow...,
Name three appellations outside o...
296  cards
France: Jura & Savoie
What is the principal grape of bl...,
What grand cru is clos ste hune m...,
What is the only alsatian grand c...
61  cards
France: Rhone Valley & Southern France
What department is irouleguy aop ...,
Where is fronton aop and what is ...,
What are the two principal grapes...
350  cards
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
In what german anbaugebiet is vil...,
Name the 9 dacs of austria and th...,
From north to south what are the ...
615  cards
Greece and Eastern Europe
What are the two pdo appellations...,
What red grape originated on the ...,
T or f lemnos pdo wines must be dry
178  cards
Hungary - General Regional Questions
3 puttunyos requires _____g l of ...,
Acid level for furmint,
Asztali bor
14  cards
Italy: Central & Southern
What are the two docgs of umbria,
Which grapes make up the blend of...,
Orvieto doc spans which 2 wine re...
298  cards
Italy: Northern
When was the doc system first int...,
What year was the first docg awar...,
What does docg stand for
325  cards
Cava do is spain s only non conti...,
What company is credited for prod...,
Which red grapes are permitted in...
20  cards
MW - Exam Study Information
An assessment of a wine s current...,
An assessment of a wine s develop...,
An assessment of a wine s relativ...
64  cards
New Zealand
What is the southernmost region o...,
What are the regions of nz s sout...,
What latitude is central otago lo...
69  cards
Portugal and Fortified Wine
What is enforcado,
What are the french italian and p...,
Describe the canteiro method of m...
394  cards
Residual Sugar
How much residual in brut nature ...,
How much residual in extra brut c...,
How much residual in brut champagne
17  cards
South Africa
What ward of walker bay is named ...,
Who is the largest producer in pa...,
Until 2010 franschhoek valley was...
76  cards
South America
What is vale do vinhedos,
What is the synonym for tannat in...,
Where in what region does most of...
147  cards
What is the legal minimum alcohol...,
What river flows throw rioja,
Cencibel is a synonym for what gr...
278  cards
United States & Canada
What ava is shared by napa sonoma,
What ava is the champoux vineyard in,
Name three sub avas of the yakima...
590  cards

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