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Cash & Fixed Interest
Treasury bills,
Certificates of deposit,
Commercial bills
22  cards
Investment Valuation Ratios
Earnings per share eps,
Dividend yielf,
Dividend cover
6  cards
Equity Valuation
Dividend discount model gordons g...,
Price earnings ratio,
Shareholder value model
3  cards
Individual Company Performance And Company Accounts
Annual depreciation,
Operating margin,
Net margin
22  cards
Measuring Portfolio Performance
Holding period return,
Money weighted rate of return,
Time weighted rate of return
11  cards
Equities And Property
Three main types of ipo are,
Stamp duty stamp duty reserve tax...,
Panel on takeovers mergers levy
23  cards
Private Equity
Venture capital trusts vcts,
Main vct qualifying conditions,
Enterprise investment scheme eis
6  cards
Risk And Investment Performance
Market systematic risk,
Investment non systematic risk,
Inflation risk
16  cards
Exchange Traded Products
Exchange traded funds etfs,
Exchange traded commodities etcs,
Exchange traded notes etns
3  cards
State four drawbacks of using the...,
Explain three relative difference...,
Explain briefly the main drawback...
130  cards
Unit Trusts, OEICs & Investment Trusts
Diversification rules for uk ucit...,
Borrowing of ucits funds,
Unit trust manager
16  cards
Hedging advantages
12  cards
The Main Investment Theories
Modern portfolio theory,
Efficient frontier,
Capm assumptions limitations
8  cards
Property based Investments
Advantages and disadvantages of p...,
Reit taxation
4  cards
Economic Environment
Fiscal policy,
Monetary policy,
Mo narrow money
8  cards

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