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Taxation Topic 1 - Domicile and Residence
What is the difference between do...,
What is the remittance basis,
What test determines uk residence
19  cards
Taxation Topic 2 - Income Tax
What is the uk tax system used to do,
What is published every year foll...,
What is a finance bill
33  cards
Taxation Topic 3 - Capital Gains Tax
What 2 relevant legislations incl...,
When are individuals liable to cgt,
What is the current annual cgt ex...
34  cards
Taxation Topic 4 - Inheritance Tax
What are the 2 main laws relating...,
Who pays iht,
What is the rules around iht and ...
33  cards
Taxation Topic 5 - Business Taxes and Value Added Taxes (VAT)
During what period is a company s...,
What tax do sole traders and part...,
What tax do companies generally pay
34  cards
Taxation Topic 6 - Tax Planning
The financial life cycle is often...,
For very high earners when do the...,
If a spouse dies with money in an...
6  cards
Investments Topic 1 - The Economic Environment
The office for national statistic...,
Most population surveys show that...,
Some social factors that affect b...
13  cards
Investments Topic 2 - Deposit Based Investments
What are the tax implications for...,
What does ns i provide,
Investment accounts key details ns i
20  cards
Investments Topic 3 - Fixed-Rate Securities
Main examples of fixed interest s...,
Gilts issued by the dmo can be is...,
Gilts can be fixed interest or
23  cards
Investments Topic 4 - Equities
What is the definiton of equity,
By law a company must have ordina...,
Any companies listed on recognise...
39  cards
Investments Topic 5 - Derivatives and Alternative Investments
What are derivatives,
Main types of derivative,
1 hard commodities 2 soft commodi...
30  cards
Investments Topic 6 - Property and Structured Products
Things to consider if you are goi...,
Disadvantages of residential prop...,
Calculation for property yield
34  cards
Investments Topic 7 - Risk
The equity risk premium erp is th...,
3 areas of risk in financial sector,
Capital risk
24  cards
Investments Topic 8 - Investment Theories
Correlation looks at the linear r...,
Investment professionals tend to ...,
To achieve further diversificatio...
22  cards
Investments Topic 9 - Investment Planning Principles
What is a direct investment,
Benefits and drawbacks of direct ...,
What is stochastic modelling
20  cards
Investments Topic 10 - OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts
What is ucits,
Key features of unit trusts,
Unit trustee duties include
35  cards
Investments Topic 11 - Collective Investments (Life Assurance)
A qualifying policy is one that,
Qualifying rules for life assuran...,
When calculating the gain for a n...
30  cards
Investments Topic 12 - Tax Free Investments
Underlying investments stocks and...,
Underlying investments that can b...,
Lifetime isa
25  cards
Investments Topic 13 - Assessing Investment Performance
3 basic investment performance me...,
Holding period return or money we...,
Calculation for holding period pe...
22  cards
Investments Topic 14 - Advice
Robo advice,
Factors to consider when providin...,
Client ator categories
20  cards
Retirement Topic 1 - Political, Social and Legal Aspects of Pensions
The gov is responsible for the pe...,
Non state pensions can be separat...,
Pensions act 2015 introduced 2 im...
15  cards
Retirement Topic 2 – State Pension Provision
Class 1 nics,
Class 2 nics,
Class 3 nics
14  cards
Retirement Topic 3 - The Pensions Tax Regime
Only relevant uk individuals can ...,
Pension input period,
The 2 occasions where the annual ...
20  cards
Retirement Topic 4 – Personal Pension Schemes
Personal pension schemes can be s...
21  cards
Retirement Topic 5 – Occupational Pension Schemes
Common factors of occupational sc...,
Financial reporting standard frs ...,
Funded pension scheme
22  cards
Retirement Topic 6 - Other Pension Issues
When leaving an employer you shou...,
For people now they may leave the...,
Reasons a client may want to tran...
19  cards
Retirement Topic 7 - Retirement Planning
When assessing the requirements f...,
Once quantifying the pension the ...,
Investment strategy should next b...
11  cards
Protection Topic 1 - Financial Protection In The Event of Death
Protection in 2 broad categories ...,
Young single person typical prote...,
Younger couples without children ...
16  cards
Protection Topic 2 - Illness and Business Protection
The financial effect of illness o...,
On average males and females in t...,
Protection required for financial...
22  cards
Protection Topic 3 - State Protection Provision
3 main reasons for the relatively...,
Benefits trap,
State benefits are funded on a ba...
45  cards
Protection Topic 4 – The range and application of life assurance
Wol premiums can be paid in 2 ways,
Different investment bases that a...,
When wol policies are issued on a...
15  cards
Protection Topic 5 – Protection Solutions in the event of illness/disability: CIC and IPI
Critical illness cover cic,
Illnesses covered under cic range...,
In the past companies covered the...
17  cards
Protection Topic 6 – Other insurance-based protection policies
Accident sickness and unemploymen...,
Income benefits from asu are paid...,
Lump sum benefits for asu are pai...
13  cards
Protection Topic 7 – Application, underwriting and ownership
The contract that is written up a...,
Main principles of insurable inte...,
Civil partners and spouses have u...
28  cards
Protection Topic 8 – The tax treatment of protection policies
Qualifying policy,
Non qualifying,
Rules for a qualifying policy for...
22  cards
Protection Topic 9 – Needs and priorities in protection
Assessing a client s protection n...,
What are the 3 first steps when a...,
When assessing current and future...
10  cards
Protection Topic 10 – Introduction to long-term care insurance
Long term care insurance ltci is,
The types of long term care and l...,
Sheltered accommodation
11  cards
Case Study
0  cards

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