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Decks in this class (40)

1 - Implementing Ethernet VLANs
Ch 1
63  cards
2 - STP Concepts
Spanning Tree Protocol
27  cards
Ch 2 - RSTP
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
26  cards
3 - STP Implementation
Ch 3
50  cards
4 - LAN Troubleshooting
What show cmds help in determinin...,
What rules out a switch as being ...,
What is one way to find the root ...
19  cards
5 - VLAN Trunking Protocol
What is vtp,
What vlans does vtp support,
What vtp mode would allow a switc...
9  cards
6 - Misc LAN Topics
What is the rfc for radius,
What is the ieee protocol for lan...,
What protocol and port does tacac...
26  cards
7a - OSPF Concepts
What are the 3 methods routers ad...,
What is a routing protocol,
What is a routed protocol
46  cards
7b - OSPF Concepts
What is link state,
What is the ospf metric,
When is a 2 way state reached
23  cards
8 - Implementing OSPF IPV4
What does the ospf network do,
What does wildcard 0000 do,
What does wildcard 255255255255 do
30  cards
Ch 8 Configuration Commands
Router ospf,
Network area,
Ip ospf area
16  cards
Ch 8 Show Commands
Show ip ospf,
Show ip ospf interface brief,
Show ip ospf interface fa0 0
11  cards
9 - EIGRP Concepts
What is the feasibility condition,
What is the feasible distance,
What is the reported distance
30  cards
10 - Implementing EIGRP
What show cmds verify the network...,
What show cmds verify eigrp neigh...,
What show cmds verify eigrp topology
13  cards
11 - Troubleshooting Routing Protocols
What 4 conditions do both eigrp a...,
What additional conditions does e...,
What additional conditions does o...
29  cards
12 - Implementing eBGP
What protocol port does bgp use,
What is single homed,
What is dual homed
33  cards
13 - Implementing Pt to Pt WANS
What is cpe,
What does csu dsu stand for,
What does a csu dsu do
48  cards
14 - Private WANS with Ethernet and MPLS
What are the 3 mef service types,
What 2 common features do all met...,
Does the metro e service act like...
33  cards
15 - Private WANs with Internet VPN
What device do telcos use to spli...,
What features or goals can an int...,
What is ipsec
32  cards
16 - Basic IPv4 ACLs
What numbers can be used for stan...,
What numbers can be used for exte...,
What do standard numbered acls fi...
8  cards
17 - Advanced IPv4 ACLs
In a named acl how is a line deleted,
In an extended acl where in the c...,
In an extended acl where in the c...
8  cards
QOS Headers
How many bits are used for dscp,
Which header contains dscp,
Which header contains cos
14  cards
18 - QOS
Qos tools give you a means to man...,
What is bandwidth as it relates t...,
What is delay
31  cards
19 - IPv4 Routing in the LAN
What commands are used to configu...,
What commands are used to configu...,
What show cmds on a router can be...
20  cards
20 - Implementing HSRP for First Hop Routing
What are 3 types of first hop red...,
In addition to the minimum single...,
What is the default priority in hsrp
25  cards
21 - Troubleshooting IPv4 Routing
What cmd do you use to disable dn...,
What are the 4 troubleshooting st...,
5 reasons that a router lan inter...
6  cards
22 - IPv6 Routing Operation and Troubleshooting
What command is used to configure...,
What global command is used to en...,
What command is used to view the ...
21  cards
IPV6 Address Types
Learn IPV6 Address Types
34  cards
23 - Implementing OSPF for IPV6
Which 2 commands should be on eve...,
What determines if an interface c...,
What 3 show cmds tell you about t...
19  cards
24 - Implementing EIGRP for IPv6
What troubleshooting steps should...,
What show command will display pa...,
What 3 show commands can be used ...
21  cards
25 - IPv6 ACLs
Can an outbound acl on a router i...,
When using an acl to perform secu...,
What is the first command when cr...
19  cards
26 - Network Management
Can an snmp agent initiate commun...,
What is the difference between a ...,
Which community string is require...
39  cards
27 - Cloud Computing
What does a hypervisor do,
What are 5 criteria for cloud com...,
What is a private cloud
11  cards
28 - SDN and Network Programmability
What is switch abstraction,
What is the open sdn model,
What is odl
15  cards
Ch 1 - show cmds
Show vlan brief id vlan_id name v...,
Shows port info about administrat...,
Shows vlans allowed on the trunk
5  cards
Ch 1 - Configuration Cmds
Vlan vlan_id,
Name name,
12  cards
Ch 3 - show cmds
Sho spanning tree,
Show spanning tree interface gig0 2,
Show spanning tree vlan vlan_id
9  cards
Ch 3 - Configuration Cmds
Spanning tree mode pvst rapid pvs...,
Spanning tree vlan vlan_id root p...,
Spanning tree vlan vlan_id root s...
13  cards
Ch 5 - Configuration
Vtp domain domain_name,
Vtp password password,
Vtp mode server client transparent
5  cards
Ch 5 - show cmds
Show vtp status,
Show vtp password
2  cards

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