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What are the leadership skills ne...,
What is the best time to distribu...,
13 what percentage of a conversat...
15  cards
Soil Mechanics
19 which of the following tests i...,
20 which of the following techniq...,
21 which of the following terms r...
33  cards
Engineering Materials
1 which source or organization pr...,
2 you are interested in finding a...,
3 which organization is engaged i...
76  cards
Concrete and Pyschometrics
1 which of the following referenc...,
2 which party is responsible for ...,
3 according to the aci 347 04 com...
22  cards
Management, Legal Entities & Delivery Methods
1 the owner wants to fast track a...,
2 a clause in the contract states...,
3 a contract has been entered int...
36  cards
CSI Master format
10 what does the bar support abbr...,
11 what does the bar support abbr...,
12 what does the bar support abbr...
35  cards
Concrete Beam
10 what does the bar support abbr...,
11 what does the bar support abbr...,
12 what does the bar support abbr...
5  cards
3 what does the abbreviation hm s...,
1 what does the mechanical abbrev...,
7 what does the mechanical abbrev...
12  cards
Temporary Material and Equipment
1 which party is normally respons...,
2 which party is normally respons...,
3 which of the following systems ...
26  cards
Bid Documents
1 which document is submitted to ...,
2 which document describes the du...,
3 what is the name of the law pri...
24  cards
Insurance and Bonds
1 which type of insurance protect...,
2 which document contains the cov...,
3 which type of insurance covers ...
29  cards
Laws, Regulations, Codes and Specifications
1 what are laws passed by a local...,
2 what are laws passed by the leg...,
3 which type of law passes worker...
28  cards
Planning and Scheduling
1 which of the following is the p...,
2 which of the following is the p...,
3 many times the contractor must ...
14  cards
1 according to osha violations wh...,
2 which of the following would be...,
3 the compliance officer notices ...
82  cards
Enviromental Law
1 when hiring employees which for...,
2 which form must be completed by...,
3 according to the federal govern...
27  cards
Organization and Job Description
1 what do the horizontal lines on...,
2 which duties change as a person...,
3 which position typically writes...
25  cards
Project Documents
1 what are the general rules the ...,
2 which of the following statemen...,
3 which of the following descript...
28  cards
Project Site Administration and Contract Documents
1 which document informs the cont...,
2 which document informs the owne...,
3 which document is used to alloc...
37  cards
Vendor and Subcontracor Agreement
1 what is the primary difference ...,
2 which law establishes basic rul...,
3 which of the following items mu...
27  cards

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