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Standard operating procedures con...,
The flight crew must also verify ...,
Do not pressurize the green hydra...
36  cards
Jeppsen Accronyms and Definitions
18  cards
A tflex final deve ser maior que ...,
As takeoff speeds podem ser reduz...
2  cards
Flight Instruction And Check
Diferencas de altimetro,
Contingencias etops,
Contingencias icao
33  cards
Flight Instruction And Check
Diferencas de altimetro,
Contingencias etops,
Contingencias icao
57  cards
SOP System Related
Optimum flight level,
Fuel requirements pro nor sop 02 ...,
Parking brake with sufficient acc...
68  cards
If there is any conflicting infor...,
In some cases the sel indicator l...,
When crew changes all sops shall ...
38  cards
Indicating and Recording
Electronic instrument system eis ...,
Electronic instrument system eis,
Ecam comprised by
47  cards
Flight Controls 3
If the to waypoint has been passe...,
Srs is vertical mode aeo srs v2 1...,
Oei target highest v2 ou current ...
24  cards
Flight Controls 2
Low energy warning inhibited when,
Pitch attitude limited to,
Load factor automatically limited to
131  cards
Flight Controls
Flight controls subjects are,
Flt controls are ______________ c...,
The ths trimmable horizontal stab...
106  cards
Water and Waste
The potable water tanks each hold,
The vacuum generator forces toile...
2  cards
Avionics ventilation system cools...,
For ventilation the lavatory and ...,
Pack bay ventilation occurs
3  cards
Basic empty weight,
Basic weight crew pantry,
On ecam cab press page the cabin ...
18  cards
Setting the storm position on the...,
When operating on battery power only,
When the landing gear is retracte...
7  cards
Cockpit windows are only opened,
Avionics compartments can be acce...,
It s dangerous for the ground cre...
3  cards
A blue indication on a cockpit pa...,
Some pb have two illuminated dots...,
If power to the cockpit door fails
6  cards
On the pedestal mounted switching...,
Normally the ir 1 2 and or 3 mode...,
Air data modules adms convert pne...
29  cards
During normal operation cabin pre...,
In flight with cpc 1 in use if it...,
When ldg elev is set
6  cards
Electrical 3 areas,
Electrical system ac three phase ...,
If all electrical power sources i...
44  cards
Landing Gear
Lgciu landing gear control interf...,
Unsafe gear retraction is impeded...,
Landing gear proximity detectors ...
20  cards
Anti Ice
Wing anti ice on epr limit automa...,
Electrical heating is provided fo...,
Slats protected by hot air from p...
10  cards
Air Conditioning
Heat exchanges function to reduce...,
Pack outlet air temperature can b...,
If air cycle machine fails the pack
30  cards
The 3 sources or high pressure ai...,
Pneumatic system operation is con...,
High pressure air for pneumatic s...
17  cards
On ground apu provides bleed air for,
Apu air intake flap opens when th...,
Apu shutdown can be initiated by ...
27  cards
Accumulators provide enough press...,
If green system hydraulic pressur...,
When the antiskid and nosewheel s...
33  cards
Power Plant
Lp compressor has 1 stage and lp ...,
N3 pertains to,
Annular combustion chamber is fit...
69  cards
Fuel system stores fuel controls ...,
Fuel is stored in the wings cente...,
Wings have an inner outer tank ea...
25  cards
Fire Protection
Each engine and apu have two,
If one continuous engine fire and...,
When a break in both loops within...
13  cards
Weight and balance
Zero fuel weight,
Zero fuel weight,
Takeoff weight
4  cards
In the event of an apu auto shutd...
1  cards
The three mcdus and two channels ...,
Each fmgs is described in four parts,
The thrust lever are the main int...
58  cards
Max taxi weight,
Max to weight brake release,
Max landing
7  cards

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