airline transport pilot

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What is a stall,
What is the angle of attack,
Lift is always ______________ to ...
60  cards
Meteorology- Dynamics of Weather
What is the primary cause of weather,
What is adiabatic temperature cha...,
What is the unsaturated air flowi...
38  cards
Meteorology- Weather Reports and Charts
Is the wind in a metar given in t...,
What are the two categories inclu...
37  cards
Operational Factors
93  cards
Federal Aviation Regulations
What does the term domestic mean,
What does the ter,
What are non scheduled carriers c...
53  cards
IFR- Preflight and Clearances
What is a notam d,
What is an fdc notam
8  cards
IFR- Departures
What are the standard takeoff min...,
In what ways are sids depicted in...,
3  cards
IFR- En Route
If you are vfr on top what does t...,
When you are vfr on top what type...,
Where will the controller not aut...
13  cards
IFR- Arrivals/Approaches
What is the purpose of a star,
What do the heavy black arrows on...,
65  cards
IFR- Navigation
How do you know that a vortac is ...,
How do you knot that a vor is und...,
When is dme error greatest
10  cards
IFR- Holding Patterns
When do you start the speed reduc...,
When you enter a hold what do you...,
When does timing start in a holdi...
8  cards
Regulations - Part 121
Aircraft dispatcher 2 items,
What are three things that must b...,
How long does the airline need to...
112  cards
Weight and Balance Turbojet
What is bow,
Does the bow include the crew
15  cards
Weight and Balance Turboprop
What is the weight equation,
How do you find the cg,
What types of fuel can a turbo pr...
7  cards
Performance Turbojet
A turbine engine can be limited b...,
6  cards
Flight Planning Turbojet
Specific range,
Specific range units
2  cards
Flight Planning Turboprop
Nautical air miles,
Effective runway
7  cards

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airline transport pilot

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