mesa airlines training

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Normal takeoff,
Normal climb,
Area arrival normal
16  cards
What is the only that amber light...,
How much recirculated air is bein...,
What are the 4 main parts of the ...
19  cards
Power up flow ca or fo,
Before start to the line post pow...,
Before start below the line ca
20  cards
On the dvdr panel what is recorde...
1  cards
EJET Emergency Procedures
Jammed control column pitched,
Jammed control wheel roll,
Pitch trim runaway
19  cards
What comes on when you establish ...,
How and when is the electrical pb...,
How can the pilot tell if an elec...
226  cards
EJET Limitations (Pre-Class)
Max altitude for apu electrical load,
Landing below ___ degrees c may n...,
Flaps full speed
103  cards
Basic Indoc Questions
What are the sic limitations less...,
What are the medical certificate ...,
What is the requirement regarding...
28  cards
Systems Questions (Oral and Test)
Is there a speed limit for adg de...,
What is on the accessory gearbox,
When does apr automatically arm
120  cards
Kevin's Test Questions
How much thrust is produced with apr,
How much engine thrust is produce...,
When an engine fails how much mis...
43  cards
FO Checklist Flows
What checklists have fo flows,
What are the items for the before...,
What are the items for the push s...
10  cards
CA Checklist Flows
What is the captain flow for the ...,
What is the ca flow for push star...,
What is the after start flow for ca
6  cards
Clean stall flaps up gear up,
Rejected takeoff,
After takeoff with engine failure...
11  cards
Where does the dc service switch ...,
Why do we not leave the airplane ...,
With the battery master switch on...
60  cards
Walkaround Slides
What type of hinge is on the pass...,
What type of door is the passenge...,
Explain the pins and latches for ...
22  cards
UPGRADE - Limitations
Max taxi ramp weight,
Max takeoff weight,
Max landing weight
278  cards
UPGRADE - Overhead Panel
What does the dc service switch p...,
What lights will illuminate with ...,
Regarding the ac switchlight what...
46  cards
Notes For Questions
Explain pcu runway
1  cards
EJET - Limitations (AQP)
Max ramp weight lr,
Max takeoff weight lr,
Max landing weight lr
118  cards
EJET Emergency Procedures (1st AQP)
Cargo fwd aft smoke,
Smoke evacuation,
Smoke fire fumes
19  cards
On the cvr dvr how much time does...,
What does the idg light mean,
What are the ratings of the idg
71  cards
Max egt for apu start,
Apu starter cooling period,
Max takeoff and go around itt
12  cards
EJET Emergency Procedures (1st PT, 2023, UPDATED)
Crg fwd aft smoke,
Smoke evacuation,
Smoke fire fumes
19  cards
Callouts - STALLS (2023, 1st PT)
Clean stall,
Departure stall,
Approach stall
3  cards
EJET Emergency Procedures (2nd PC, 2024, UPDATED)
Cargo fwd aft smoke,
Smoke evacuation,
Smoke fire fumes
20  cards
EJET - Limitations (2024 PC)
Max ramp weight lr,
Max takeoff weight lr,
Max landing weight lr
71  cards

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