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Def two_sum arr target find two v...
1  cards
What is sql,
What is a relational db,
What is a sql query
32  cards
What is a closure how why is it used,
What is the keyword this in javas...,
What is callback hell
53  cards
Ruby on Rails
What is an mvc whats an example o...,
What is a has_many through associ...,
Discuss mvc interaction between i...
11  cards
HTML, Vanilla JS DOM rendering
What is dom,
How do we make up our own key for...,
How do we listen for a key up event
16  cards
Display types inline,
Display types block,
Display types inline block
31  cards
Describe how react modifies the d...,
What is virtual dom,
Describe react
22  cards
What is the difference between a ...,
Metaprogramming class instance va...
11  cards
Active Record
What is active record,
What is the active record pattern,
Active record as an orm framework
20  cards
System Architecture
What is restful,
Discuss restful fielding constrai...,
Discuss restful fielding constrai...
51  cards
Graph Theory
What is a graph,
What is an ordered pair,
What is an unordered pair
18  cards
Optimized Algoritms
Canpermutepalindrome given a stri...,
Wordpattern function pattern str ...,
Insert delete getrandom 0 1 desig...
4  cards
What is recursion,
What is a base case,
Why stack overflow occurs
8  cards
Dynamic Programming
What is dynamic programming,
Overlapping subproblems,
What is memoization in this context
10  cards
Binary Trees
What is a tree,
Balanced vs unbalanced,
Complete binary tree
8  cards
What is ajax,
What does ajax look like undernea...,
What are the steps in an ajax req...
3  cards
Continuous intergration,
Continuous delivery deployment,
Describe ci cd pipeline
75  cards

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