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Data Structures Overview Terms & Concepts
Array insertion,
Array index
69  cards
Unit 1 Chapters 1,2,3 Data Structures Overview Code
Bubble sort,
Ordered array
7  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 4 Stacks and Queues Code
Priority queue,
Reverse a string
7  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 5 Linked Lists Code
Sorted list,
Insertion sort,
9  cards
Unit 4 Chapter 6 Recursion Code
8  cards
Unit 5 Chapter 7 Advanced Sorting Code
5  cards
Unit 6 Chapter 8 Binary Trees Code
1  cards
Unit 7 Chapter 10 2-3-4 Trees Code
4  cards
Unit 8 Chapter 11 Hash Tables Code
3  cards
Unit 9 Chapter 12 Heaps Code
1  cards
Unit 10 Chapter 13 Graphs Code
3  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 4 Stacks and Queues Terms & Concepts
Stack fifo or lifo storage mechanism,
Stack terms for adding and taking...
16  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 5 Linked Lists Terms & Concepts
Each link object contains referen...,
How is linked list self referential,
In an array each item occupies a ...
24  cards
Questions Chapter 1
In many data structures you can _...,
Rearranging the contents of a dat...,
In a database a field is a specif...
12  cards
Questions Chapter 2
Inserting an item into an unorder...,
True or false when you delete an ...,
In an unordered array allowing du...
22  cards
Questions Chapter 3
Computer sorting algorithms are m...,
The two basic operations in simpl...,
True or false the bubble sort alw...
20  cards
Questions Chapter 4
Suppose you push 10 20 30 and 40 ...,
Which of the following is true a ...,
What do lifo and fifo mean
18  cards
Questions Chapter 5
Which of the following is not tru...,
Access to the links in a linked l...,
When you create a reference to a ...
25  cards
Questions Chapter 6
If the user enters 10 in the tria...,
Where are the copies of the argum...,
Assume the user enters10 in the t...
24  cards
Questions Chapter 7
The shellsort works by a partitio...,
If an array has 100 elements then...,
To transform the insertion sort i...
28  cards
Questions Chapter 8
Trees consist of ______ connected...,
In a binary tree a node has at mo...,
In a binary tree all the nodes th...
24  cards
Questions Chapter 10
A 2 3 4 tree is a multiway tree w...,
In a multiway tree the keys in a ...,
In a 2 3 4 tree all insertions ar...
27  cards
Questions Chapter 11
Using big o notation how long doe...,
A ______ ______ transforms a rang...,
Using the next available position...
22  cards
Questions Chapter 12
What does the term complete mean ...,
What does the term weakly ordered...,
In a heap a node is always remove...
17  cards
Questions Chapter 13
Graphs consist of _______ connect...,
The two main search algorithms of...,
The depth first search algorithm ...
12  cards

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data structures and algorithms

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