anatomy and physiology of speech

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Basic Anatomical Terms
Anatomical positions planes,
Horizontal transverse,
20  cards
Bone, Tissues, and Joints
What are tissues,
What is an intercellular matrix,
Where do vocal tract tissues reside
38  cards
Muscle tissues arrangement of fib...,
23  cards
Respiratory System
What is respiration,
Why does speech require respiration,
12  cards
Respiratory System Part 2
Functions of the vertebral column,
C1 c7,
T1 t12
36  cards
Muscles of Respiration
Muscles of inspiration,
Action of sternocleidomastoid,
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
50  cards
Respiratory Physiology
What must happen to the lungs in ...,
What must the muscles do to creat...,
So what does increasing and decre...
20  cards
Measuring Respiratory Volumes and Capacities
Tidal volume tv,
Minute volume mv,
Active breathing
12  cards
Life Breathing VS Speech Breathing
What are the 4 changes when switc...,
Where is the location of intake d...,
Where is location of air intake d...
11  cards
Relaxation Pressures
The decrease of volume in the lun...,
What kind of pressures are restor...
13  cards
Respiration Physiology during speech production
What 3 things do we need for spee...,
The respiratory pump during speec...,
Driving forces work to
22  cards
Human Laryngeal Anatomy
Structure of laryngeal system,
Primary biological function,
Secondary biological function
32  cards
Intrinsic Muscles of the Laryngeal System
Origin of conus elasticus,
Insertion of conus elasticus,
Membranous glottis
44  cards
Laryngeal and Vocal Fold Physiology
Name some primary biological func...,
Why do vf tissues change dynamically,
What kind of structure are the vfs
32  cards
Vocal Fold Vibration
Vertical phase difference,
Longitudinal wave,
The goal of vf waves is to
22  cards
The Skull
What are the 2 parts of the skull,
What are the 6 cranial bones,
Which bones does the parietal bon...
17  cards
The Articulatory System
Describe the source filter theory,
What are the mobile articulators 6,
What are the immobile articulators 3
13  cards
Perioral Muscles
Orbicularis oris,
Orbicularis oris origin,
Orbicularis oris insert
37  cards
Velum Muscles
Levator veli palatini is also called,
Levator veli palatini origin,
Levator veli palatini insert
16  cards
Normal swallowing includes the,
The lips are the most ______ valve,
When we swallow the tongue ______...
11  cards
Your Tongue
31  cards
The Pharynx
What are the 3 major parts of the...,
What is the pharynx,
Superior pharyngeal constrictor o...
11  cards

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anatomy and physiology of speech

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