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Chapter 1 lecture
Define anatomy,
Define physiology,
True or false anatomy and physiol...
31  cards
Lab 2 (Ch 2)
Define elements,
All elements are made up of what ...,
What are the three main elements ...
63  cards
Chapter 2 lecture - The Chemistry of Life
Define elements,
How many naturally occurring elem...,
Define atoms
180  cards
Smartbooks Chapter 2
The six most abundant elements in...,
_______ electrons are the electro...,
Atoms of the same element that di...
85  cards
Chapter 3 Lecture - Cellular Form and Function
True or false all organisms are c...,
____ are responsible for all stru...,
Understanding cells is the key to...
121  cards
Lab 3 (chapter 3)
Define simple diffusion,
Define osmosis,
Define primary active transport
20  cards
Smartbooks Chapter 3
The plasma membrane is made up of...,
What is the simplest structural a...,
What do voltage gated ion channel...
56  cards
Lab 4 (chapter 4)
What are the three major regions ...,
What are the main components of t...,
What is selective permeability
30  cards
Chapter 4 Lecture - Genetics of Cellular Function
Give 4 examples of genetic disord...,
Define dna,
There are ___ dna molecules chrom...
74  cards
Smartbooks Chapter 4
Which of the following are compon...,
In dna the base adenine pairs wit...,
How many hydrogen bonds do adenin...
60  cards
Unit 1 (all cards)
Define anatomy,
Define physiology,
True or false anatomy and physiol...
720  cards
Unit 1 Learning Objectives
Define the terms anatomy and phys...,
Describe gross anatomy and give 3...,
Name 3 areas of microscopic anato...
116  cards
Transcription, Translation, & Mitosis
Explain the process of transcription,
Describe the process of translation,
Explain what happens to a protein...
14  cards
Chapter 5 - Histology
There are ____ trillion cells of ...,
Name the 4 broad categories of ti...,
Define histology
117  cards
Lab 1 (chapter 5)
Name all of the regions in the ab...,
Name the 4 quadrants of the abdomen,
Frontal region
65  cards
Smartbooks Chapters 5-7
The tissue found covering body su...,
Which term is used to describe th...,
Which epithelium lines the respir...
101  cards
Unit 2 LOs
Name the four primary classes int...,
Define histology,
Compare the general features of t...
80  cards
Chapter 6 - The Integumentary System
True or false inspection of the s...,
True or false skin is not the mos...,
True or false the skin receives m...
60  cards
Chapter 7 - Bones
What are the two most durable com...,
Do we have a dead or living skeleton,
True or false the skeletal system...
124  cards
Lab 1 (chapter 5) Reversed Q&As
Lung cavity,
Contains the pleural cavity peric...,
The cranial cavity and the verteb...
63  cards
Socrative Unit 2 + other questions
(only includes more difficult questions)
56  cards
Unit 2 (all cards)
True or false tight junctions fun...,
The type of secretion where the e...,
A second degree or partial thickn...
589  cards
Lab 6 - Musculoskeletal System I
Define a process and give an example,
Define a tubercle and give an exa...,
Define tuberosity and give an exa...
49  cards
Chapter 8 - Skeleton
Describe the axial skeleton,
Describe the appendicular skeleton,
How many bones do we have at birt...
40  cards
Chapter 9 - Joints
Define a joint articulation,
Define arthrology,
Describe kinesiology
82  cards
Lab 7 - Musculoskeletal System II
List the joints of the pectoral s...,
List the joints in the elbow region,
List the joints of the wrist
41  cards
Smartbooks Chapters 8-11
Which cranial bones are paired,
How many bones does the skeleton ...,
The sagittal squamous coronal and...
123  cards
Unit 3 Learning Objectives
Describe the axial skeleton and l...,
Describe the appendicular skeleto...,
Name the cranial bones and descri...
207  cards
Lab 8 - Musculoskeletal System III
Femur what is the origin and inse...,
What muscle is the prime mover of...,
What muscle is the synergist to t...
23  cards
Muscle actions
Describe the actions of the front...,
Facial muscles describe the actio...,
Facial muscles describe the actio...
42  cards
Chapter 12
The nervous system is the foundat...,
_______ combines the behavioral a...,
What two systems maintain interna...
149  cards
Lab 9: Nervous System I
List the layers of the meninges i...,
The empty space between the pia a...,
What is the function of the subar...
25  cards
Unit 4 Learning Objectives(Chapters 12-16)
Describe the major functions of t...,
Describe the basic pathway of the...,
List the parts of the nervous sys...
172  cards
Unit 4 Smartbooks
Which are usually found inside th...,
In the cns myelin is produced by ...,
Which glial cell insulates nerve ...
43  cards
Lab 10: Nervous System II
What is the basic function of the...,
What are the basic functions of t...,
What are the basic functions oft ...
43  cards
Lab 11 - Special Senses
Describe the cones of the eye,
Describe the rods of the eye,
The _____ of the eye is clear whe...
30  cards
Labs 9-11
List the layers of the meninges i...,
The empty space between the pia a...,
What is the function of the subar...
98  cards
Units 1-4 Learning Objectives
Define the terms anatomy and phys...,
Describe gross anatomy and give 3...,
Name 3 areas of microscopic anato...
575  cards
Final Exam Last-minute Recap
The femoral nerve travels down th...,
The femoral nerve is responsible ...,
The obturator nerve only innervat...
12  cards

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