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The Origins of the Civilization of Egypt and Mesopotamia
What characterized the rise of th...,
Neolithic period revolution,
Rainfall agriculture
13  cards
The Third Millennium (The Early Bronze Age)
The old kingdom of egypt,
The middle kingdom of egypt,
The new kingdom of egypt
15  cards
The Second Millennium (The Middle and Late Bronze Age)
The middle bronze age,
Second intermediate period in egypt,
Middle kingdoms capital
37  cards
The First Millennium (The Early Iron Age)
The early iron age,
Disruption in the near east,
Aramaic and chaldean tribes
12  cards
The West Asian Empires (c. 750 BC-651 AD)
Neo assyrian empire,
Military innovations in assyria,
Tiglath pileser iii
24  cards
Kings function
13  cards
Economy and Society
Market economy,
Redistribution economy,
The dynasty of ur
13  cards
Kings functions,
Empires heartland,
Empires periphery
7  cards
The Early Iron Age: 'The Dark Ages' (c. 1200-750 BC)
Fall of the mycenaean civilization,
The dark ages,
Ionian migration
7  cards
The Archaic Period (c. 750-500 BC)
Demographic and economic changes
49  cards
the Persian Wars
The classical period in greece,
Persian king cyrus the great,
Greek revolt against the persians
14  cards
Sparta and Athens after 479 BC
War in asia minor against persians,
A helot revolt in sparta,
5  cards
The Delian League (477-404 BC)
The delian league,
14  cards
The Great Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC)
Beginning of the war in 431 bc,
Pericles strategy,
The long walls
18  cards
The Years Between 404-336 BC
Believed number of spartiates by ...,
Divide and conquer tactics,
Corinthian war of thebes
13  cards
The Athenian Population in the 5th and the 4th centuries BC
The metics,
The slaves
6  cards
Further Development of the Athenian Democracy
Council of areopagus,
9  cards
Athens as the Center of Greek Culture in the Classical Period
The classical era,
Athens as the center,
Attic drama
13  cards
Greeks in the Western Mediterranean and Economy of the Greek City States
Why the colonized areas in the we...,
6th century developments in the w...,
5th century developments in the w...
10  cards
the Hellenistic World (c. 330-30 BC)
Alexander the great,
Darius iii,
Battle of issus
50  cards
Western Mediterranean and Origins of Rome (753-509 BC)
Emergence of a highly civilized p...,
11  cards
The Early Republic (509-265 BC)
State and society,
Political and administrative syst...,
Religious system
6  cards
Municipia in the Early Roman Period
Military characters of roman society,
The struggle of the orders
4  cards
Institutions of the Republic at the End of the Struggle of the Orders
The magistrates,
Consulship and praetorship,
Rules regarding pomerium
16  cards
Roman Expansion Between 264-121 BC
The punic wars,
Sicilian issue,
First punic war
11  cards
New Social Tensions
The consequences of romes expansion,
Slavery in italy and sicily,
Slave revolts
10  cards
The Century of the Civil Wars (133-30 BC): Serious Problems and Discontent, The Gracchi, Marius' Military Reforms
Serious problems and discontent,
Tiberius sempronius gracchus,
Gaius sempronius gracchus
9  cards
The Social War (91-88 BC) and the First Civil War (88-82 BC)
Explosion of the already simmerin...,
The social war,
Citizenship for italian allies
8  cards
The Years 79-49 BC
79 49 bc,
11  cards
The Second Civil War (49-45 BC) and its Aftermath (44-30 BC)
The second civil war,
Caesars reforms,
Caesars assassination
8  cards
Augustus constitutional position ...,
The settlement of 27 bc different...,
Egypt as a province
14  cards
The Early Imperial Age After Augustus (AD 14-193)
Wars and rebellions,
Emperorship and the problem of th...,
Emperors job
7  cards
Roman Law
Characteristics of roman law,
Law in practice,
Different courts
4  cards
The Western and Eastern provinces
The celts as people,
Comparison to the greeks and romans,
Celtic tribes
10  cards
Agriculture, Trade and Crafts
The lower classes,
Work and status
4  cards
Religions in the empire,
Roman gods,
Roman religious practices
5  cards
The Crisis of the Third Century AD and Late Antiquity: Growing Pressure on the Northern and Eastern Frontiers
General info,
The german areas,
The germans
7  cards
Internal Instability in the Roman Empire
Military problems,
Structural defects
2  cards
The Severi (193-235)
Septimius severus 193 211,
Septimius wars,
Septimius other actions
8  cards
The Soldier Emperors (235-284)
Period from 235 249,
Empire of the gauls
4  cards
Diocletian (r. 284-305)
Conditions under diocletian,
Succession struggles,
Diocletians reforms
8  cards
Constantine the Great (r. 306-337)
Appointing constantine,
Conversion to christianity,
Favouring christians
6  cards
The Roman Empire after Constantine and the Christian Empire
After constantine,
East of the empire
8  cards

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