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Athenian Society: Geography
Resources of athens,
Geographical features,
What was piraeus
3  cards
Athenian Society: Social Structure & political organisation
What was a polis,
Solons four classes,
Who was pentakosiomedimnoi
19  cards
Athenian Society: Economy
Importance of agora,
Importance of piraeus,
Significance of tribute
10  cards
Athenian Society: Religion, Death and Burial
11  cards
Athenian Society: Cultural Life
Birth of athena
6  cards
Athenian Society: Everyday Life
City athenians,
Food and clothing,
4  cards
Pericles: Family background & Early Career
When was pericles born,
Who was pericles mother from whic...,
Who was pericles father
13  cards
Pericles: important dates/people/events/policies
When was he born,
Date of first speech in ekklesia,
Date of first democratic reform a...
24  cards
Pericles: Career
Democratic reforms,
Military career
9  cards
Pelo War: Causes of Pelo War
12  cards
Pelo War: Archidamian War
Thucydides opinion on peace treaties,
Sparta initial strategy,
Athens initial strategy
15  cards
Peloponnesian war key facts
War started,
Athens allies with corcyra
15  cards
Section 3: breakdown of Peace of Nicias
Reasons for breakdown of peace of...
1  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: background and geographical context
Where is both pompeii and hercula...,
Who founded both cities and their...,
East west road
10  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: nature of sources/evidence
Range of written and ae,
Info gathered and limitations her...,
Info gathered and limitations pom...
76  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: reconstruction/preservation - changing methods/cont
Pre 19th century approach,
Early 19th century approach eg,
Fiorelli cont
6  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: reconstruction/preservation - changing interpretations
Initial interpretation of cast,
Lazer contribution,
Current interpretation of bisels ...
9  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: reconstruction/preservation - issues: Italian/tourism
Problems with reconstruction,
Italian cont,
When unesco listed
10  cards
Pompeii/Herculaneum: reconstruction/preservation: ethical issues
2  cards

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