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Lange Ch4
Ch4 machine with 2 stage pressure...,
Ch4 below what min o2 pressure is...,
Ch4 what separates the high press...
5  cards
1990 Book A
Physiologic sign consistently ass...,
Mac of halothane,
1st stage of labor pain travels v...
15  cards
ACE 2014-11a
Things to do within 3 hours of se...,
Cyclosporine most commonly causes...,
Plexus block to relieve visceral ...
24  cards
ACE 2013-10b
Criteria that is common to both m...,
Other than age what are risk fact...,
Absolute contraindication to elec...
26  cards
ACE 2013-10a
Contraindication to methylene blue,
Virus with the highest risk of tr...,
First line treatment for cocaine ...
18  cards
ACE 2011-8b
Age when heart rate is highest,
Difference between dysesthesia an...,
Analgesic effect of capsaicin las...
11  cards
M5 2014
Innervation of posterior tongue s...,
Innervation of anterior tongue,
Innervation of hypopharynx
402  cards
ABA Part I Keywords
Age when closing capacity and frc...,
Age when closing calcify and frc ...,
Most important reason for increas...
41  cards
Big Red
Why is metoclopramide contraindic...,
Folate and b12 deficiency causes ...,
Most frequent cause of digitalis ...
22  cards
Anesthesia Oral Boards
Side effects of glucagon,
Rx for siadh,
Hyponatremia euvolemia
588  cards
Mixed venous o2 saturation equation,
Vital capacity is how many ml kg,
Carbon monoxide poisoning increas...
48  cards
Lange Ch22
How much is dead space per weight,
Bohr equation for dead space to t...,
Relationships of pa pv and pa in ...
12  cards
Hall Ch11
What type of patients should rece...,
Most sensitive indicator of left ...,
2500 cc min of oxygen consumption...
69  cards
Vital sign that is highly sensiti...,
Henry gaur reflex,
Cyanosis is seen when how much he...
12  cards
West Resp Physio 9th Ed
Smallest airways without alveoli,
Average volume of anatomic dead s...,
Erythrocytes spend how much time ...
17  cards
Baby Miller Ch30
Normal cerebral blood flow cbf,
Cerebral blood flow cbf is reduce...,
Cerebral blood flow cbf changes b...
6  cards
Baby Miller Ch7
How do catecholamines and sympath...
1  cards
Baby Miller Ch8
75 nitrous oxide increases volume...,
How does shunt affect induction,
Vessel rich group receives what p...
6  cards
Lange Ch7
Blood gas coefficients for volati...,
Vapor pressure of volatile anesth...
2  cards
Hall Ch6
Normal tracheal capillary arterio...,
You should wait how many hrs afte...,
Fluoride toxicity anesthesia most...
82  cards
ACE 2011
What type of tocolytic agent is a...,
Combined ventricular output in a ...,
Gold standard for diagnosis of he...
113  cards
ACE 2010
Only nerve required to be anesthe...,
3 main nerves that innervate the ...,
Occupational exposure to ionizing...
58  cards
Hall Ch7
Cricoid cartilage is at what cerv...,
Cricoid cartilage is at what cerv...,
Cricoid cartilage is at what cerv...
48  cards
ACE 2012-9b
Pt is on daily oral naltrexone wh...,
Opioid requirements for a patient...,
T test is what type of analytical...
72  cards
Hall Ch10
Tachyphylaxis with repeated injec...,
Propofol can be used to treat wha...,
Early signs of digitalis toxicity
10  cards
Why does a patient desaturates 5 ...,
What is ecothiophate and what ane...,
Next best step in treatment of pa...
125  cards
ACE 2014-11B
Most prominent side effect of cis...,
Disorder of pregnancy with severe...,
Most prominent side effect of vin...
34  cards

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