anesthesia oral board review

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Case 20 - Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blockade
Ddx for healthy patients whose vi...,
Normal neuromuscular transmission,
Moa of succinylcholine
10  cards
Case 21 - NMBDs
Nmbds moa of skeletal muscle rela...,
How do nmbds differ,
9  cards
Case 22 - Antagonism of nondepolarizng neuromuscular blockade
What train of four value should b...,
How are competitive nmbds terminated,
How is acetylcholinesterase inhib...
9  cards
Case 23 - Monitoring at NMJ
Why is monitoring of neuromusclar...,
What are the basic principles of ...,
What is a site of neuromusuclar b...
17  cards
Case 24 - Myasthenia Gravis
Define myasthenia gravis mg,
How is mg diagnosed,
How is mg classified
17  cards
Case 25 - Malignant Hyperthermia
What is mh,
What is the pathophysiology of mh,
What is the pathophysiology of mh
27  cards
Case 32 - Full stomach
What are mechanisms a conscious p...,
What are the risk factors for reg...,
When does aspiration mostly occur
15  cards
Case 33 - Major hepatic Resection
Describe liver cirrhosis,
What does liver cirrhosis do to t...,
What does liver cirrhosis do to t...
31  cards
Case 34 - open AAA repair
What is laplace law how does it r...,
How do you evaluate myocardial re...,
What is stress tresting
21  cards
Case 35 - TEVAR
What is the differnece between te...,
Anatomic requirements for evar,
What are surgical complications o...
9  cards
Case 36 - TURP
What is turp syndrome,
What are the cns effects of turp ...,
What are the cardiovascular effec...
13  cards
Case 37 - super morbid obesity
How do you calculate bmi,
What are the pulmonary changes as...,
What are the cardiac changes asso...
18  cards
Case 38 - laproscopic robotic prostatectomy
What are your primary anestheic c...,
What are the cerebrovascular effe...,
Describe the respiratory effects ...
13  cards
Case 39 - kidney + pancreas transplantation
Should patients with dm 1 and ckd...,
What are your concerns with patie...,
What are your pre op concerns for...
12  cards
case 40 - open eye injury and IOP
What is normal intraocular pressu...,
Explain the factors that effect iop,
What is the anesthetic goals for ...
10  cards
Case 41 - Retinal Detachment
What are the advantages and disad...,
What are advant and disadvant of ...,
Retrobulbar and peribulbar blocks...
7  cards
Case 42 - typanomastoidectomy
Why is typanomastoidectomy performed,
Any preop considerations assoc wi...,
What are the intraop requirements...
5  cards
Case 43 - The Difficult Airway
What are predictors of difficult ...,
What is the sniffing position,
What are example of problems that...
19  cards
Case 44 - Laser laryngoscopy
A singer who underwent surgery no...,
How is airway pathology evaluated...,
Explain special anesthesia requir...
22  cards
Case 45 - functional endoscopic sinus surgery
Funcitonal endoscopic sinus sx co...,
Anes goals for fess,
Ways to provide bloodless field
12  cards
Case 26 - DM
Pathophysiology of diabetes melli...,
What is dm1,
What is dm2
18  cards
Case 27 - thyroidectomy
Thyroid hormone mechanism,
S sx of hyperthyrodism,
Thyroid storm vs thyrotoxicosis
10  cards
Case 28 - Parathyroidectomy
What is the physiology of calcium...,
Clinical features of hypercalcemia,
Hypercalcemia tx
7  cards
Case 29 - periop steroid admin
Physiologic effects of glucocorti...,
Steroid equivalent dose table,
Normal cortisol level
13  cards
Case 30 - pheochromocytoma
What is pheochromocytoma,
S sx of pheo,
Ddx of pheo
8  cards
Case 31 - Carcinoid syndrome
Carcinoid tumor pathology,
Dx of carcinoid tumor,
Describe pathophysiology of carci...
14  cards
Case 51 - total hip replacement
Coronary stents,
Coronary stents and anesthesia,
Premature d c of plavix and bridging
13  cards
Case 46 - transfusion reaction
What is the most severe immediate...,
Immediate vs delayed reaction aft...,
Can all bood products cause trans...
19  cards
Case 47 - periop coagulopathies
How would you assess a patients c...,
What is the difference between ex...,
Describe plt mechanism of action ...
24  cards
Case 48 - blood replacement
What is oxygen delivery do2 calcu...,
Describe compensatory mechanisms ...,
What is the minimum acceptable he...
12  cards
Case 49 - Jevoha witness and scoliosis
Define scoilosis and how is the c...,
What will a jehovahs witness refu...,
What conditions are associated wi...
12  cards
Case 50 - Sickle cell disease
What is the difference between si...,
What is the underlying genetic ab...,
Describe the presentation of sick...
13  cards
Case 52 - brachial plexus anesthesia
What are side effects complicatio...,
What are benefits of ultrasound use,
What is last how is it diagnosed
6  cards
Case 53 - Lower extremity anesthesia
What nerves are affected during a...,
What are anesthetic options for a...,
Benefits of femoral nerve catheter
6  cards
Case 59 - abdominal wall defects
What are pre op concerns for thes...
7  cards
Case 60 - congential diaphragamtic hernia
Describe the pathophysiology of c...,
Is congenital diaphramatic hernia...,
What are the clinical features of...
10  cards
Case 61 - tracheoesophageal fistula
What is a tracheoesophageal fistula,
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is vactrel
12  cards
Case 62 - pyloric stenosis
What is pyloric stenosis,
How do you diagnose pyloric stenosis,
Is pyloric stenosis a surgical em...
8  cards
Case 63 - Congenital Heart Disease
What are general anesthetic consi...,
What are some precautions you can...,
Which patients with congenital he...
12  cards
Chapter 64 - preterm infant
How are newborns classified by ge...,
What cardiovascular changes are a...,
What pulmonary changes are associ...
17  cards
Case 65 - Adenotonsillectomy
What is the pathophysiology of osa,
How does tonsillar hypertrophy co...,
What complications can osa lead to
14  cards
Case 66 - foreign body aspiration
What is foreign body aspiration a...,
How does a patient with foriegn b...,
What are the preop concerns in a ...
8  cards
Case 67 - MRI and Down Syndrome child
What are important devices that a...,
What anesthesia monitor problems ...,
What are patient related consider...
7  cards
Case 68 - acute pain mgmt
Methadone characteristics,
Tolerance vs dependence vs addiction,
What are the mech of action of ns...
17  cards
Case 69 - Low Back Pain
Ddx of lbp,
How do you evaluate a patient wit...,
What is classic presentation of a...
7  cards
Case 70 - postherpatic neuralgia
What is postherpatic neuralgia phn,
What are the clinical manifestati...,
How can you prevent phn
5  cards
Case 71 - CRPS
What is crps,
Crps 1 vs crps2,
What are some theories regarding ...
7  cards
Case 73 - Ambulatory Surgery
Are there patients who should nev...,
Are diabetic patients suitable ca...,
What are the asa fasting guidelin...
23  cards
Case 78 - Asthma
What is asthma how is it diagnosed,
What are pfts and what do they lo...,
What are the pfts for asthmatics
16  cards
Case 79 - Hypothermia
What is hypothermia defined as,
What are the phases of hypothermi...,
What are the four mechanisms of h...
14  cards
Case 80 - PACU discharge
What is the cause of n v,
What are rf for ponv,
What are strategies to reduce inc...
6  cards
case 81 - delayed emergence, coma, brain death
What are possible anesthesia caue...,
You determine the patient has ina...,
What are metabolic disorders that...
8  cards
Case 82 - neonatal resucictation
Describe the fetal circulation,
What physiologic changes occur at...,
Why is neonatal circulation somet...
7  cards
Case 75 - Thoracic trauma
What are some physiologic derange...,
How do you diagnose pneumothorax,
What are s sx of pneumothorax und...
20  cards
Chapter 76 - Burns
How do you calculate the total bo...,
What are the pathophysiologic eff...,
What fluid would you use and how ...
14  cards
Case 77 - Abdominal Trauma
What is the glasgow coma scale,
What is primary survery,
In primary survey what is importa...
10  cards
Case 83 - Peds CPR
What is the etiology of cardiac a...,
In pals what is your compression ...,
How do you know if your cpr is ef...
12  cards
Case 84 - CPR
What are components of high quali...,
How can you determine that you ha...,
Why should excess ventilation be ...
20  cards
Case 85 - DNR
Patient comes for surgery has a p...,
What should you discuss with the ...,
What course of action can be take...
4  cards
Case 86 - ARDS
Define ards,
What is the clinical criteria of ...,
What are causes of ards
10  cards
case 87 - resp failure
What are the two main types of ac...,
You extubate a patient after surg...,
When should noninvasive ventilati...
10  cards
Case 88 - CV system
What are etiologies of rv failure,
Patient with pre existing pulm ht...,
What is law of laplace what does ...
11  cards
case 89 - sepsis and multisystem organ dysfunction syndrome
Distinguish among sirs sepsis sev...,
What is the pathophysiology of se...,
How does sepsis cause organ dysfu...
7  cards
Case 90 - kidney system
What is the definition of aki,
What are the three etiologies of ...,
What lab tests can you order to l...
9  cards
Case 91 - CNS
What is subarachonid hemorrhage s...,
How is sah diagnosed what are the...,
Patient comes with the worst head...
23  cards
Case 1 - CAD
What factors increase o2 demand,
What factors increase o2 supply,
How do you maintain coronary arte...
9  cards
Case 2 - Recent MI
Patient comes to your pre op clin...,
What is considered 4 mets what is...,
What are active cardiac condtions...
12  cards
case 3 - CHF
What are possible etiologies for ...,
What is dilated cardiomyopathy de...,
What is the pathophysiology behin...
13  cards
Case 4 - Aortic Stenosis
What are the classic symptoms of ...,
What is the pathophys behind as a...,
Etiology of as
16  cards
Case 5 - Mitral Stenosis
What is the pathophysiology of mi...,
Is it possible to get lv failure ...,
Hd goals
10  cards
Case 6 - HOCM
What is the anatomic abnormalitie...,
What are your hd goals for hocm p...,
What monitors would you consider ...
6  cards
case 8 - cardiac tamponade
What is cardiac tamponade,
Describe the physiology of cardia...,
What are s sx of cardiac tamponade
8  cards
Case 9 - LVAD for noncardiac surgery
What are ventricular assist devic...,
What are your preop consideration...,
What anesthetic agents and techni...
10  cards
Case 10 - non cardiac surgery after heart transplantation
Explain the physiology of transpl...,
What are the results of cardiac d...,
What intrinsic myocardial mechani...
11  cards
Case 11 - CABG
Describe myocardial oxygen extrac...,
What are the major determinants f...,
What are the major determinants o...
11  cards
Case 13 - Thoracosopy
Patient is undergoing vats you ar...,
You are now on one lung ventilati...,
What are complicatoins of vats
3  cards
Case 16 - CEA
What are indications for cea,
What are the most serious periop ...,
Intraop during cea how is patient...
6  cards
Case 12 - One lung ventilation
Patient is going to undergo surge...,
What is considered high risk surg...,
When can pulse oximetry become in...
16  cards
Case 54 - Labor and Delivery
Describe the stages of labor the ...,
What are advantages of spinal vs ...,
What are advantages to a cse how ...
17  cards
Case 55 - pre-eclampsia
What is classified as htn during ...,
What is the difference between mi...,
What is the pathophysiology behin...
11  cards
Case 56 - abruptio placentae and placenta previa
What are the major causes of thir...,
What are rf for aburptio placentae,
How can placenta abuprtion dx be ...
16  cards
case 57 - anesthesia for nonobstetric surgery during pregnancy
Physiologic changes in pregnancy,
What are the physiologic changes ...,
What are the physiologic changes ...
11  cards
case 58 - thrombocytopenia in pregnancy
What is the expected plt count du...,
Briefly describe clotting mechani...,
What are causes of thrombocytopen...
10  cards
Case 15 - Intracranial aneurysm
Where are cerebral aneurysms typi...,
What are the most serious complic...,
What are surgical options for sah...
7  cards
Case 14 - intracranial mass, ICP, venous air embolism, autoregulation
What is cerebral autoregulation,
What are the major determinants o...,
What is normal icp what contribut...
15  cards
Case 17 - ECT
What are anesthetic consideration...,
Are there any relative or absolut...,
How will you manage a pt undergoi...
8  cards
chapter 19 - transsphenoidal hypophysectomy
What is the cause of acromegaly w...,
What are airway changes associate...,
How can acromegaly be treated sur...
9  cards
Chapter 18 - spine sx
Does severe cervical stenosis nec...,
Does severe cervical stenosis nec...,
How is chronic pain managed durin...
10  cards

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