ansc 377 - food animal behaviour

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1. Intro to Applied Ethology and Ethograms
Definition of ethology,
Where are ethological studies car...,
What is ethology the science of
36  cards
2. Animal Experience, Learning, and Development
What do ontogeny studies focus on,
What is an experience,
What is learning
16  cards
3. Behaviour Genetics
Why is there considerable variati...,
What is heritability an indicatio...,
To what extent is behaviour herit...
14  cards
4. Behaviour Motivation Models
What is motivation,
Do all inputs reach the decision ...,
Causal factors
20  cards
5. Social Behaviour
What are 4 advantages of group li...,
What 3 broad categories can socia...,
What is an altruistic act
41  cards
6. Animal Handling and Movement
What are management procedures wh...,
How does the flight zone of an in...,
When a handler penetrates the edg...
25  cards
7. Rest, Locomotion, Eating, Drinking - M2
All animals show daily rhythmic p...,
What are normal sleep patterns im...,
What are resting and sleep govern...
41  cards
8. Sexual Behaviour - M2
What are 2 main roles of odour,
What is the principal means of ea...,
Photoperiods and reproductive beh...
23  cards
9. Maternal Neonatal Play Behaviour - M2
Fetal environment,
Fetal action patterns,
Periods of extremely intense feta...
37  cards
10. Poultry Behaviour
Where are chickens mainly derived...,
What two types of chickens are mo...,
Turkey origins native to domestic...
23  cards
11. Swine Behaviour
5 characteristic wild boar feral ...,
Pig vision panoramic binocular focus,
Pig smell and hearing
25  cards
12. Dairy Behaviour
What are the 3 types of facility ...,
What cows enter the milking parlo...,
Prior to milking how do cows behave
33  cards
13. Beef Cattle Behaviour
Beef cattle vision panoramic visi...,
34  cards
14. Bison Behaviour
0  cards

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ansc 377 - food animal behaviour

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