animal behaviour

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Psychopharmacological agents used in practice
When would drug therapy be advocated,
What 3 things should be considere...,
Why is off label drug usage commo...
85  cards
Age Related Cognitive Decline
What are the most common behaviou...,
Which kind of dogs have a longer ...,
What three things should be taken...
24  cards
Frustration And Emotional Conflict
How may operant learning affect d...,
What three ways may behaviour dev...,
What are resources
24  cards
Behavioural Needs
What is the brambell committee wh...,
In the modern 5 freedoms how is b...,
Do animals need to perform all be...
20  cards
Equine Social Behaviour
Name 5 breeds of feral horses and...,
Can all equids interbreed can the...,
Which two types of herd exist coo...
27  cards
Name the two types of learning an...,
Define classical learning,
Give an example of the stimuli in...
24  cards
Social Learning
What is social learning what are ...,
What are the 3 forms of social le...,
Define stimulus and local enhance...
26  cards
Applied Cat Ethology
Where are behavioural genetics ga...,
Why is the personality of kittens...,
What is the lifespan of a feral cat
56  cards
Clinical Behaviour
Give an example of owners under e...,
Give an explmple of owners over e...,
What must always be considered re...
3  cards
Discrimination and Categorization
What type of learning does discri...,
Define discrimination,
Define categorization
33  cards
Overshadowing and Blocking
What is successful conditioning d...,
What is the name of the model ass...,
Is the rescorla wagner model base...
12  cards
Give 4 formal definitions of emotion,
What was the initial intuitive ca...,
What is the james lange theory
74  cards
Applied Rabbit Ethology
What is the latin name for the do...,
What is the domestic rabbit desce...,
Where were rabbits domesticated
44  cards
Fear and Anxiety
Is fear and anxiety normal,
Which part of the brain responds ...,
What are the 3 components of the ...
36  cards
Abnormal and Repetitive Behaviours
Are the majority of behaviours co...,
What is a stereotypy what are the...,
What is the accepted term for ste...
29  cards
Applied Dog Ethology
How may genetic factors affect ca...,
How does learning affect canine b...,
Upon which species are most wolf ...
47  cards
Endocrine Influences
Outline some differences between ...,
What are the four kinds of hormone,
How do protein and peptides act
58  cards
Medical Problems
What does behaviour ultimately oc...,
What four factors influence behav...,
Give an example of medical condit...
24  cards
Applied Horse Ethology
What are the most important ethol...,
What type of vision do horses have,
What are the areas of vision wher...
15  cards
Role of Diet
What amino acid do cats require i...,
What neurobiological effect does ...,
What factors influence taste pref...
41  cards
Cognition Introduction
Define cognition,
When did was lloyd morgan s canon...,
What are the two types of knowled...
7  cards
Cognitive Approaches to Animal Learning
Define cognition,
Define cognitivism or the cogniti...,
What is the cognitive approach a ...
20  cards
Define memory,
How long does short term memory s...,
How do studies of memory differ f...
35  cards
What is language,
How does animal communication dif...,
What is generative grammar
29  cards
Guardian website podcast Susan Blackmore Conciousness
16  cards
Dog Cognition
How do people often interpret dog...,
How can most cognition be explained,
What is most research of cognitio...
24  cards
Visual Perspective Taking and Metacognition
What is visual perspective taking...,
Give 2 studies looking at visual ...,
Give a study looking at visual pe...
10  cards
Numerosity, Transitive Inference and Object Permenance
Give three examples of time based...,
Are circadian rhythms always 24hours,
What is another word for an entra...
21  cards
Introduction to Psychopharmacology
What are the major drug psychoact...,
When may b blockers be used,
Which drugs are used as anti depr...
63  cards
Behaviour Consults
What are the four stages of a beh...,
What should not be in the behavio...,
How should attention seeking dogs...
4  cards
Evaluating Research
Give an example of a drug which f...,
What is the order of reliability ...,
What is a case study
7  cards
Use of Pheremones
What were pheromones originally d...,
How are pheromones now defined,
What are the two types of pheromone
39  cards
Stereotypies in Horses
Give examples of stereotypic beha...,
How did crib biting used to be tr...,
What are the proposed reasons for...
20  cards
Dog Social Behaviour
According to research based on th...,
What was most research on wolf be...,
Which animals make a better model...
14  cards
Feline Social Behaviour
What is the only social bond in t...,
How do territories in cats differ,
How does breeding in cats work
10  cards

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