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Early 17th Century Colonial America: 1600-1633
What in the world was jamestown,
Who was john smith,
The virginia company
16  cards
Early 18th Century Colonial America: 1700-1733
Early 18th to Mid 18th Century
8  cards
The End of the F and I War to the American Revolution 1763-1775
Benign salutary neglect,
Albany plan,
Benjamin franklin
32  cards
Forming State Governments and the Articles of Confederation: 1776-1789
Civic virtue,
16  cards
John Adams
Thomas jefferson,
John marshall,
Xyz affair
9  cards
Thomas Jefferson
0  cards
James Madison
Macon s bill no 2,
First national bank expiration
14  cards
James Monroe
John quincy adams
11  cards
John Q. Adams
Corrupt bargain,
Tariff of abominations
5  cards
Andrew Jackson
John c calhoun,
Van buren
11  cards
Martin Van Buren
Panic of 1837,
Independent treasury,
Caroline affair
4  cards
William Henry Harrison
0  cards
John Tyler
Anti jackson democrat,
Webster ashburton treaty,
Clay s bill for the third band of...
4  cards
James K. Polk
Manifest destiny,
Texas statehood,
Texas boundary dispute
8  cards
Zachary Taylor
Who was his vice president,
Zachary taylor,
California gold rush
5  cards
Millard Filmore
Millard fillmore,
Compromise of 1850,
Uncle tom s cabin
4  cards
Franklin Pierce
Opposition to the fugitive slave act
13  cards
James Buchanan
Taney s dred scott decision
6  cards
Abraham Lincoln
Trent affair
16  cards
Andrew Johnson
13th amendment,
First civil rights act
7  cards
Ulysses S. Grant
15th ammendment 1870
12  cards
Rutherford B. Hayes
2  cards
James Garfielfd
Stalwarts early 1880s
4  cards
Chester A. Arthur
Pendleton civil service reform ac...
4  cards
Grover Cleveland
Grover cleveland,
Haymarket square,
Wabash st louis and pacific railr...
9  cards
Benjamin Harrison
Mckinley tariff
1  cards
William McKineley
Annexation of hawaii,
Spanish american war,
Sinking of the maine
11  cards
Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt
United mine workers strike 1902,
Est of the department of labor an...,
The square deal
17  cards
William Howard Taft
William howard taft,
Payne aldrich tariff,
Ballinger pinchot disputes
11  cards
Woodrow Wilson
100 percent americanism,
Fourteen points,
Treaty of versailles
45  cards
Warren G. Harding
Return to normalcy,
The american plan
11  cards
Calvin Coolidge
Andrew mellon s tax cut,
Nation origins act of 1924
8  cards
Herbert Hoover
0  cards
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Soil conservation and domestic al...,
Holding company act,
National labor relations board
20  cards
Harry Truman
V e day,
The firebombing of tokyo
20  cards
Dwight Eisenhower
Hydrogen bomb
15  cards
John F. Kennedy
Bay of pigs
12  cards
Lyndon B. Johnson
Party term,
Medicare and medicaid these need ...,
Civil rights act of 1964 and 1968...
6  cards
Richard Nixon
1  cards
Gerald Ford
0  cards
Jimmy Carter
0  cards
Ronald Reagan
Election of 1980
12  cards
George H.W. Bush
0  cards
Bill Clinton
0  cards
George W. Bush
0  cards
Barrack Obama
0  cards
Orgin of slavery,
The middle passage,
Slave codes
4  cards
The Abolition Movement
American colonization society,
William lloyd garrison,
23  cards
Romantic Impulse
Romantic impulse,
4  cards
Temperance Crusade
The initiation of the temperance ...,
American society for the promotio...,
Washington temperance society
9  cards
The Civil War
Crittenden compromise,
Homestead act,
Morill land grant
16  cards
The New South
Bourbon governments,
The readjuster challenge,
Henry grady
9  cards
Conquest of the West
Taos indian rebellion,
Territorial rings,
66  cards
Causes of the Civil War
Southern nationalism,
Crittenden compromise,
Fort sumter
6  cards
The Vietnam War
Election of 1960,
Ngo dinh diem
16  cards
The Crisis of Authority
Fall of saigon,
Gay liberation
32  cards
Women's Right Movement
Nineteenth amendment,
Equal pay act,
Women s liberation
5  cards
Chapter 1: Collision of Cultures
Elizabeth i
11  cards
Chapter 2: Transplantations and Borderlands
New york colony,
Pennsylvania colony
21  cards
Chapter 3: Society and Culture in Provincial America
Indenture system,
Birth and death rates,
Scots irish
27  cards
Chapter 4: The Empire in Transition
Peace of paris 18th century,
Literacy rates
30  cards
Chapter 5: The American Revolution
The olive branch petition,
13  cards
Chapter 6: The Constitution and the New Republic
Election of 1792,
Federalist parties,
James madison
25  cards
Chapter 7: The Jeffersonian Era
Burr conspiracy,
War hawks
7  cards
Chapter 8: Varieties of American Nationalism
Factor system,
The adams onis treaty,
Protective tariff of 1816
20  cards
Chapter 10: America's Economic Revolution
Social mobility,
6  cards
Chapter 9: Jacksonian America
Hard money vs soft money,
John c calhoun,
John tyler election of 1840
10  cards
Chapter 11: Cotton, Slavery, and the Old South
House slaves,
Gabriel prosser
2  cards
Chapter 12: Antebellum Culture and Reform
Horace mann s reforms,
Prigg v pennsylvania 1842
2  cards

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