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Ethics, Rules of Conduct & Professionalism
Dcacaca scsacsa,
What is rule 2 of,
What is rule 1 of the rics rules ...
116  cards
Health & Safety
When did rics guidance note surve...,
The rics guidance note of surveyi...,
The document is structured into 8...
60  cards
Communication and Negotiation
Explain how different forms of co...,
Explain a situation when a visual...,
How would you prepare for a negot...
13  cards
Accounting Principles & Procedures
What does a set of public limited...,
What does a balance sheet stateme...,
What does a profit and loss accou...
17  cards
Case Study
What is the address of the unit,
What was the size,
What was the units specification
16  cards
What are your ethics submissions,
What are your client care submiss...,
What are your communication negot...
11  cards
Business planning
How does your firm market itself ...,
What are some of the key things t...,
Why is it important to forecast fees
13  cards
Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures
What can you do to try and avoid ...,
What are the three main processes...,
What are the advantages of altern...
19  cards
Data management / Property records/information systems
What is the data protection act 2018,
What is gdpr,
When did gdpr come into force
47  cards
How is the rics helping introduce...,
What legally binding commitment h...,
What legislation requires all bui...
38  cards
What is the key rics professional...,
When does rics code for leasing b...,
What is the aim of rics code for ...
81  cards
Purchase and Sale
What are the four main methods of...,
What factors should you consider ...,
What is the private treaty method...
30  cards
Estate Agency (Purchase and sale; Leasing/letting)
What professional statement did t...,
What rics professional statement ...,
What does the rics uk commercial ...
60  cards
Development appraisals
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the methodology for calcu...,
What costs would you allow for as...
43  cards
What is an internal valuer,
What is an external valuer,
What are the three steps you shou...
158  cards
What professional statement did t...,
What was the aim of rics property...,
Which ipms measuring practices we...
44  cards
What are the four steps when carr...,
What should you take on an inspec...,
What should you consider in the i...
73  cards
Client care
Provide an example of when you ha...,
Why does your firm have professio...,
How much professional indemnity i...
13  cards
Hot Topics 2023
What are the new rics professiona...,
What are the general requirements...,
What is the rics futures report
15  cards
RICS Material & Legislation
What is the rics material on valu...,
What is the rics material on valu...,
Rics material on coi
39  cards

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