apics cpim - basics of sc mgmt

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Materials Management
Characteristics needed to be cons...,
Products are made from standard c...,
Characteristics that persuade a c...
16  cards
Inventory Management
A measure of satisfying demand th...,
The target inventory or order up ...,
A lot sizing technique that will ...
15  cards
The average demand for all period...,
Demand data that is erratic over ...,
General upward or downward moveme...
15  cards
Material Requirements Planning
Scheduled receipts on the mrp record,
Logical groupings of parts into s...,
Multiplying the requirements by t...
21  cards
BSCM - 1 - Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Goods are made to forecast and so...,
Helps customers achieve better bu...,
Marketing mix 4 ps
48  cards
BSCM - 2 - Demand Management
Name three important business pro...,
Type of forecast error where ther...,
Must be forecasted
33  cards
BSCM - 3 - Master Planning
Step 1 total production total dem...,
Translates the strategic business...,
A process to develop tactical pla...
52  cards
BSCM - 4 - Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
The process of multiplying a pare...,
Gross requirements available inve...,
The time it takes to make a subas...
23  cards
BSCM - 5 - Capacity Management and Production Activity Control
Name the 4 basic scheduling and l...,
Activities are scheduled from a k...,
Activities are scheduled back fro...
39  cards
BSCM - 6 - Aggregate Inventory Management
Inventory of material that has no...,
A financial statement showing the...,
Items used in support of general ...
34  cards
BSCM - 7 - Item Inventory Management
0  cards
BSCM - 8 - Purchasing and Physical Distribution
The charges a carrier levies for ...,
Either a small shipment that does...,
Transportation available to the p...
23  cards
BSCM - 9 - Lean and Quality Systems
The costs caused by improvement a...,
A management approach to long ter...,
A clear complete and accurate sta...
17  cards
BSCM - 10 - Theory of Constraints
0  cards
Master Planning
An inventory balance projected in...,
The overall level of manufacturin...,
The uncommitted portion of a comp...
17  cards
Total Quality Management
Everything that influences the pr...,
The costs of avoiding trouble by ...,
User satisfaction
13  cards
Just In Time
Organization production on a func...,
A method of just in time producti...,
Cross trained people in various s...
18  cards

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