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1 - Mathematical Basics
Rules for matrix operations rearr...
1  cards
Tutorial 1: Introduction & Linear Regression Model
What is the ols estimator stacked...,
What are the ols residuals,
Sum of squared residuals
34  cards
Tutorial 2 - Linear Regression II (Polynomials, Dummy variables, logs...)
How would you add a polynomial in...,
How can you find out the returns ...,
What do you need to consider when...
8  cards
Tutorial 3 - Model Misspecification, Model Choice, Model Diagnostics, Multicollinearity
What are possible ways to model n...,
What is the calculation to get th...,
How to calculate the gender wage ...
34  cards
Tutorial 4 - Frisch-Waugh Theorem, Omitted Variables, Instrumentral Variables Estimation
Say we are interested in 2 the e ...,
Which condition shows whether the...,
What does this mean
30  cards
HW 1
What is the average wage gap betw...,
What is the average wage gap betw...,
Give an economic explanation as t...
27  cards
Tutorial 5 - Panel data, Pooled OLS, Random-Effects-Estimator, Fixed-Effects-Estimator
What is panel data,
How does a linear panel data mode...,
How does a stacked model for all ...
40  cards
Tutorial 6 - Binary Dependent Variables
What are different approaches to ...,
What is a linear probability model,
What are latent variables
23  cards
Tutorial 7 - Censored Variables
What is censored data,
What is truncated data,
What is the tobit model used for
18  cards
HW 2
What is the assumption of the poo...,
Compare the results of two specif...,
Interpret the results of the fe m...
11  cards
Tutorial 8 - Time Series
What is stationarity,
How does stationarity relate to ols,
What are the requirements for a t...
10  cards

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