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Three major uses of econometrics,
Econometrics is,
Regression analysis is
16  cards
1.) An Overview of Regression Analysis
An equation is linear if
19  cards
2.) Ordinary Least Squares
Why use ordinary least squares,
Ordinary least squares ols,
An estimator is
29  cards
3.) Learning to Use Regression Analysis
Once a dependent variable is chos...,
After selecting the dependent var...,
A mistake of any of he three comp...
19  cards
4.) The Classical Model
The term classical refers to a se...,
The classical assumptions must be,
The classical assumptions are
36  cards
5.) Hypothesis Testing
The f test is if th,
The first step in the f test is,
A constrained equation can be tho...
43  cards
6.) Specification: Choosing the Independent Variables
Specifying an econometric equatio...,
A specification error results when,
The strength of researchers being...
26  cards
7.) Specification: Choosing a Functional Form
What usually dictates the form of...,
The basic technique in deciding o...,
An estimate of beta naught has at...
33  cards
Lessons Plans
Building and estimating a model 5...,
When do we say there is heteroske...,
What are the assumptions about th...
26  cards
8.) Multicollinearity
Strictly speaking perfect multico...,
Recall that the coefficient betak...,
Perfect multicollinearity violates
18  cards
9.) Serial Correlation
Pure serial correlation,
If the expected value of the simp...,
The most commonly assumed kind of...
44  cards
10.) Heteroskedasticity
Heteroskedasticity is the violati...,
Heteroskedasticity is important b...,
Heteroskedasticity is more likely...
32  cards
13.) Dummy Dependent Variable Techniques
A linear probability model is,
The term linear probability model...,
What are the two problems with a ...
22  cards
16.2) Panel Data
What makes a panel data set,
Panel data include observations on,
When does data that combines time...
11  cards
2nd Midterm Class Notes
Interaction terms,
Some notes on interaction terms,
In regards to non linear terms
37  cards
Math Midterm II
How to take a derivative ie how t...,
To compute the slope of a logit a...,
The consequence of measurement er...
4  cards

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