aqa a-level physics

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Section 1 - Particles and Radiation Exam Questions
Matter and Radiation, Quarks and Leptons, Quark Phenomena.
54  cards
Section 2 - Waves and Optics Exam Questions
Waves, Optics.
42  cards
Section 3 - Mechanics and Materials Exam Questions
Forces in equilibrium, On the move, Newton's laws of motion, Force and momentum, Work, energy and power, Materials.
47  cards
Section 4 -Electricity Exam Questions
Electric Current Direct Current Circuits
23  cards
Section 5.1 - Further Mechanics Content
What is the term given to an obje...,
If an object is travelling in a c...,
Define centripetal force
18  cards
Section 5.1 - Further Mechanics Exam Questions
Explain the differences between t...,
State the conditions for simple h...,
Sand is placed on a surface oscil...
3  cards
Section 5.2 - Thermal Content
Define internal energy,
State the first law of thermodyna...,
Define specific heat capacity
14  cards
Section 5.2 - Thermal Exam Questions
State the 5 assumptions made for ...,
How is work done on a gas calcula...,
Explain what is meant by specific...
5  cards
Section 6 - Fields
Gravitational fields, Electric fields, Capacitors, Magnetic fields, Electromagnetic induction.
47  cards
Section 6 - Fields Exam Questions
Explain what is meant by the grav...,
State newton s law of gravitation 2,
Cavendish s experiment to test ne...
53  cards
Section 7 - Nuclear Physics
Radioactivity Nuclear Energy
16  cards
Section 7 - Nuclear Physics Exam Questions
State what happens to a neutron t...,
State what happens to a neutron t...,
A slow moving neutron collides wi...
17  cards
100  cards
Engineering - Thermodynamics
In the equation q u wwhat does ea...,
In the equation q u wwhat does it...,
In the equation q u wwhat does it...
35  cards
Engineering - Rotational Dynamics
Define angular displacement,
Define angular velocity,
Define angular acceleration
20  cards
Engineering - Exam Questions
State the law of conservation of ...,
The satellite is initially rotati...,
A turntable is spinning at 1 when...
32  cards
Engineering - Engine Cycles
First step for both cycles,
Induction stroke petrol,
After induction stroke both
10  cards

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