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Section 1 - Particles (Use "AQA PARTICLES AND RADIATION" deck for more detailed cards)
Describe the structure of an atom,
What are nucleons,
What is the collective name for p...
161  cards
Section 2 - EM Radiation and Quantum Phenomena
What is the photoelectric effect,
What is the frequency required fo...,
Describe how the photoelectric ef...
103  cards
Section 3 - Waves
What is a wave,
What is a progressive wave,
What is a wave cycle
266  cards
Section 4 - Mechanics
What is a scalar quantity,
What is a vector quantity,
Sort these into scalar and vector...
206  cards
Section 5 - Materials
What is density,
What is the equation for density,
What is the symbol for density
133  cards
Section 6 - Electricity
What is current,
What are the conditions for curre...,
What is the unit for current
208  cards
Section 7 - Further Mechanics
What is 360 in radians,
What is 45 in radians,
What is angular velocity
173  cards
Section 8 - Thermal Energy Transfer
Do all the particles in a body tr...,
What does the distribution of par...,
How does temperature affect the a...
135  cards
Section 9 - Gravitational and Electric Fields
What is a force field,
What do force fields cause,
What is a gravitational field
164  cards
Section 10 - Capacitors
What is a capacitor,
What is a dielectric,
What is the name of the most comm...
93  cards
Section 11 - Magnetic Fields
What is a magnetic field,
How can magnetic fields be repres...,
What is another name for magnetic...
189  cards
Section 12 - Nuclear Physics
Describe how ideas atoms have cha...,
What was the original model for a...,
Describe the plum pudding model
313  cards
Option C - Engineering Physics (Rotational Dynamics)
What is required to make somethin...,
What is inertia,
How is it worth thinking or inert...
100  cards
Option C: Engineering Physics (Thermodynamics)
In thermodynamics what is a system,
What are the two types of system,
What are open systems
191  cards

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