aqa a-level psychology research methods

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Experimental Methods A1
Define the experimental method,
Define aim,
How are aims developed
12  cards
Control of Variables A1
Define extraneous variables ev,
Give an example of a extraneous v...,
Define confounding variables
12  cards
Experimental Design A1
What is the experimental design,
Define independent groups,
Define repeated measures
15  cards
Experiment Types A1
Define laboratory experiements,
What are the strengths of lab exp...,
What are the limitations of lab e...
13  cards
Sampling A1
Define population in terms of sam...,
Define a sample,
Define a random sample
21  cards
Ethical Issues A1
Why is informed consent crutial,
What does informed consent allow ...,
Give an example of a ppt rights
18  cards
Pilot Studies & Other ProceduresA1
Define a pilot study,
What is the point of pilot studies,
What are the benefits of pilot st...
8  cards
Observations Techniques and Design A1
Define naturalistic observations,
What is the opposite of a natural...,
Define a controlled observation
8  cards
Self Report Methods and Techniques A1
Define a questionnaire,
How can a questionnaire be used i...,
What are the 2 styles of question...
18  cards
What is a correlation,
What are correlations plotted on,
Define a positive correlation
11  cards
Data Analysis
Define qualitative data,
Define quantitative data,
What are the strengths of qualita...
26  cards
Features of a Science A2
What is a paradigm,
Why is psych not a science accord...,
When does a paradigm shift occur
18  cards
Reliability & Validity A2
Define reliability,
What is internal reliability,
What is external reliability
21  cards
Content & Thematic Analysis AO1&AO3 A2
How are people studied in content...,
What are the 3 things the researc...,
What are the 5 steps of content a...
8  cards
Choosing a Statistical Test A2
What are the 3 things to look for...,
What is nominal data,
What is ordinal data
23  cards

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aqa a-level psychology research methods

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