aqa a-level psychology (research methods)

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The experimental methods
Aims definition,
Debriefing definition,
Ethical issues definition
14  cards
Control variables
Confounding variables definition,
Control definition,
External validity definition
14  cards
Return to hypotheses and other things
Confederate definition,
Directional hypothesis definition,
Non directional hypothesis defini...
10  cards
Experimental design
What is experimental design,
What are the 3 types of experimen...,
What are the limitations for a re...
18  cards
Laboratory and field experiments
What is the definition of a labor...,
What is the definition of a field...,
What are the strengths of a labor...
6  cards
Natural and quasi-experiments
When are natural experiments cond...,
Natural experiment,
Quasi experiment
13  cards
More problems with experiments
Demand characteristics,
Investigator effect investigator ...,
What is a direct effect of an inv...
19  cards
Opportunity sampling
10  cards
Ethical issues
0  cards
Dealing with ethical issues
0  cards
Observation techniques
0  cards
Observation design
0  cards
Self-report techniques
0  cards
Self-report design
0  cards
0  cards
Other research methods
0  cards
mathematical skills
0  cards
Measures of central tendency and dispersion
0  cards
Display of quantitative data and data distributions
0  cards
Types of data
0  cards
Introduction to statistical testing
0  cards
The scientific process and peer review
0  cards
Psychology and the economy
0  cards

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aqa a-level psychology (research methods)

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