aqa biology gcse 9-1

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Magnification of light microscopes,
Resolving power of light microscopes,
Advantages of light microscopes
8  cards
Animal and Plant cells
Function of the nucleus,
What does the nucleus contain,
What occurs in the cytoplasm
12  cards
Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells
Difference between a eukaryotic a...,
Define plasmids,
Function of flagella
6  cards
Specialised animal cells and plant cells
Explain three adaptions of the ne...,
Function of nerve cell,
Explain two aspirations of muscle...
15  cards
Growing Bacteria in a lab
How can an uncontaminated culture...,
What temperatures should cultures...,
How to calculate the bacterial co...
4  cards
Human Defence Systems
Explain how skin prevents the ent...,
Explain how skin prevents the ent...,
Explain how nose prevents the ent...
6  cards
Monoclonal antibodies
Describe how a monoclonal antibod...,
What are the uses of monoclonal a...,
How are monoclonal antibodies use...
7  cards
Communicable diseases
Compare bacterial and viral diseases,
Explain how hiv leads to aids,
Explain how plants are affected t...
33  cards
Explain how vaccine prevents infe...,
Define herd immunity,
Why cannot antibiotics fully trea...
13  cards
Plant Diseases
How does magnesium deficiency aff...,
How does nitrate deficiency affec...,
Symptoms of plant diseases
5  cards
Year 10 mock exam formula
Change in thermal energy,
Kinetic energy,
19  cards
Biological Molecules
What breaks down protein into ami...,
What does lipase break down,
What does carbohydrase break down
3  cards
Diffusion and Osmosis
Adaptions of plants,
What is diffusion,
Adaptions of the villi
28  cards
Cell differentiation
What is a zygote,
What is differentiation,
Where are adult stem cells found
10  cards
Other Biology facts
What is the role of lipids,
What s the role of proteins
13  cards
What are the adaptions of a leaf,
What are the uses of glucose,
What factors affect the rate of p...
15  cards
Was are some of the problems with...,
Independent variable,
Control variable
4  cards
Glucose oxygen,
What reaction is respiration,
Where does aerobic respiration ta...
15  cards

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aqa biology gcse 9-1

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