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GCSE Cell Biology
Where is dna found in animal cells,
What is the function of mitochondria,
What is the function of chloroplasts
20  cards
GCSE Digestive System
What does amylase break down,
What does protease break down,
What does lipase break down
18  cards
GCSE Circulatory System
What is double circulation,
Describe how double circulation w...,
How does single circulation in fi...
29  cards
GCSE Plant Transport
What is the formula for photosynt...,
What is the xylem,
What do magnesium ions produce
15  cards
GCSE Infection and Response
What is a pathogen,
Define communicable,
Define infectious
36  cards
GCSE Bioenergetics
Why are greenhouses useful,
Define respiration,
Define metabolism
20  cards
GCSE Nervous System
Define homeostasis,
Define negative feedback,
Give three procedures that homeos...
45  cards
GCSE Hormones and Metabolism
What is different about the endoc...,
What is thyroxine,
How does thyroxine link to temper...
44  cards
GCSE Plant Hormones
What is phototropism,
What are auxins,
Why is phototropism advantageous ...
11  cards
GCSE Inheritance, Variation and Evolution
Give an overview of sexual reprod...,
Give an overview of asexual repro...,
Give examples of sexual reproduction
33  cards
GCSE Inheritance
Define allele,
Define genotype,
8  cards
GCSE Variation
Define variation,
What is interspecific variation,
What is intraspecific variation
12  cards
GCSE Evolution
What defines a species,
What would need to happen for a n...
2  cards

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