aqa gcse geography case studies

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Rivers Unit - The Jubilee River Flood Management Scheme
What is the jubilee river,
Where does it flow,
What area does it protect
14  cards
Coasts Unit - The Lyme Regis Coastal Management Scheme
What is the population of lyme regis,
Where is lyme regis located,
What weather and waves is lyme re...
13  cards
Ecosystems - The Epping Forest Ecosystem, UK
What is it the remains of,
Bogs and ponds have their own uni...
18  cards
Deforestation Facts and Figures
Global rate of deforestation today,
Global rates over time,
Brazil s rate over time
5  cards
Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
Tree coverage in 1970,
Tree coverage in 2018,
Pasture and cattle ranching
10  cards
Alaska - Development Opportunities
Area of alaska,
Population rise since 1800s,
Give the main development opportu...
15  cards
Alaska - Development Challenges
Temperature related challenges,
Accessibility challenges,
Issues with buildings and infrast...
5  cards
Alaska - Challenges/Opportunities of Oil
Oil and gas contributions to earn...,
Jobs provided by the industry,
Number of barrels per day produce...
18  cards
Natural Hazards - Amatrice Earthquake (2016)
Date and time,
Focus depth
12  cards
Natural Hazards - Gorkha Earthquake (2015)
Date and time,
Location of epicentre
14  cards
Natural Hazards - Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda (2013)
People affected,
Overall damage
15  cards
Natural Hazards - Cockermouth Floods (2009)
Date of event,
Homes affected,
Total damages
11  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges - Importance of Lagos
Importance to west africa,
Importance to nigeria,
Percentage of nigeria s industry ...
10  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges - Lagos' Main Challenges and Opportunities
Main social opportunities,
Main economic opportunities,
Main challenges
10  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges - Lagos Key Facts
Population of lagos,
Percentage of gdp wealth of niger...,
Percentage of industry based in a...
28  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges - London Key Facts
Urbanisation percentage of uk,
London vs n scotland population d...,
Growth in 21st century in london
31  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges - The Olympic Plan
Features of site before work began,
Reasons for successful bid
7  cards
Changing Economic World - Tourism in Tunisia
Number of people brought to tunis...,
Tourism brought this much money i...,
Gni per capita in 2018
12  cards
Changing Economic World - Nigeria's Economy
Reasons for rapid population growth,
Population of nigeria,
Population prediction for 2050
24  cards
Food Unit - Almería: Large-Scale Agricultural Development
Average rainfall per year,
10  cards
Food Unit - Jamalpur: Local Scheme
Percentage of income from agricul...,
What are most farmers,
Main crops
10  cards

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